In Their Own Words: Strengthening the Fabric of our Nation

On September 5th, in New York City, with our Founder Carolyn Blashek joining us in the city she grew up in, Operation Gratitude joined forces with hundreds of volunteers to assemble 10,000 Care Packages. On 9/11 and ensuing days, thousands of the Care Packages were delivered to Deployed Service Members in harm’s way, as well as in-person to 800 Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMTs who were among the first to respond to the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon 18 years ago.  

Our goal was to ensure our nation’s heroes know that grateful Americans will Never Forget their service and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for us every day.

Reading some of the notes below not only affirms that we achieved that goal, but also demonstrates the impact of Operation Gratitude and hundreds of thousands of grateful Americans who made it possible through their actions.

About a month ago our unit received @ 100 care packages from you. I distributed them across the camps in the location where we are. They were a huge hit.

Afterward, there were a number of boxes leftover in our MWR recreation space. I took some of the notes in them and placed them on the tables in our dining facility to brighten the day of our Warriors.
Thank you again for fulfilling our request and making such a difference to deployed service members abroad.
I responded to a teacher, Mrs. Cahill, whose students had written some of the encouraging letters.
It takes a lot of effort, generosity and logistical coordination to do what you do. I hope you know it’s worth it as it is strengthening the fabric of our nation. You are helping unite Americans and to inspire them to press on together. That’s noble and will bear fruit in future generations.
God’s blessings to you all!

I really do appreciate your care, I was almost going to cry when I realized that I received this care package (I never received any as of today), I thought I would never get one 🙂

Best time ever when I realized you all do care.

Thank you!! S.S.

To the good folks at Operation Gratitude,

Good day to all. My name is J.C. I am a Captain and Infantry Officer with the 44th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, out of New Jersey,  currently serving abroad in support of Operation Joint Guardian.

We have received some of the care packages you have sent to us. I wanted to reach back and say thank you for taking the time to show your support and lift our spirits.

So you know we actually take the time to read the kind letters and appreciate the packages you good folks send our way. Know that it is our pleasure to serve the great people of our great nation and we take great pride in doing what needs to be done so long as we have the support of great Americans like yourselves.

I wish you all and your families nothing but the best. Once again thank you and GODSPEED. 
J.C., Battle Captain

I absolutely loved all the gifts and the notes from the kids warmed my heart thinking my daughter back home will write these in a few years.

Thank you so much Operation Gratitude for reminding me of home.

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put these very sweet and useful gift bags together. Everything in the bag will be used or eaten.

Thank you for thinking of us and we appreciate the support!

Deputy K.C. 🙂

Aloha Operation Gratitude,

My name is CPT EMM from the 1st Battalion, 487th Field Artillery Regiment “HIKI NO” (CAN DO!) out of the 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from the Hawaii Army National Guard.  My team just received your care packages here in Afghanistan and I wanted to take this time and personally thank each and every one of your volunteers. We have just finished opening our packages and adoring the contents; candies, toiletries, notes, cards, and even handmade scarfs and beanies. 

My care package was sponsored by the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, for your continued support of the US troops overseas.  I am deeply grateful and appreciative of the time and effort that has been poured out to lift the spirits of the troops.

I personally received a wonderful handmade scarf from a Ms. Edith Blank.  Thank you, Ms. Blank, for your generosity and support of the troops overseas.  I will be sure to stay warm now that I have a scarf during the coming winter.

Thank you all for your unceasing support and generosity.  There are times, especially with everything going on in the news, that service members can feel forgotten and insignificant.  I want to share that this organization has just shown 30 service members that we are indeed not forgotten and that the American people are still supporting us and our efforts here and abroad.  Please continue what you are doing. Stay true to your mission. Continue to bring the little bit of hope and light that service members receive as they are deployed away from their homes, friends, and families.

Very Respectfully,

 I’m a WWII, Korea, and Vietnam vet and really appreciate the “goodies”. It is very humbling to have so many people thank me for what I proudly participated in.   We live in the greatest country in the world and should thank God every day for our freedom.

C.F., L/Col. USAF

Today our team of about 50 Deputies received our Operation Gratitude bags and we wanted to say thank you! We appreciate your kind gesture and it was a truly heartwarming way to start our workday. Our team has faced and overcome many recent challenges and our gratitude bags came right on time. We have all been enjoying our goodies throughout our shift! Thank you for your support.

To all who work or volunteer with Operation Gratitude,

My name is John and I’m in the Air Force, serving with my fellow Americans in the Middle East. Today is 9/11/2019, 18 years after the attack on our country changed the world as we know it.

We’re missing our families and friends but know our work here matters to the world and for the safety of our nation. We received your care packages today- and the joy it brought to the faces of everyone I’m deployed with was just amazing. 

The letters of love brought tears to peoples’ eyes and knowing they’re remembered and cared for is a gift that is priceless to the soul.

Today was my daughter’s first day of pre-school, and I was really in a low spot just missing her and all the special moments we won’t get to share this year because I’m away. This care package really lifted me up. Thank you so much, and if I could hug you all I would.

It’s an honor to serve the greatest people in the world, people like you!
Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

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