Letter Writing

Writing a letter is a simple and meaningful way for volunteers nationwide to say “Thank You” to all who serve. Your kind words could bring lasting joy to a Care Package recipient. 

Operation Gratitude includes handwritten letters in every Care Package sent to our Deployed Troops, Recruit Graduates, Veterans, Wounded Heroes, and First Responders. In these unprecedented times, our heroes need our unwavering support. Taking the time to put pen to paper and share your heartfelt thoughts can be what motivates them to keep moving forward in their duties to our nation. 

Interested in participating in letter writing?

The following steps will help you create a meaningful and impactful activity for yourself, your family, group or company:

  • Review Guide: Download the letter-writing guide from this page to review the program guidelines.  Also available are printable coloring sheets for children and instructions for shipping the completed letters to Operation Gratitude HQ.

  • Write Letters: Get creative! Write letters, draw pictures, make cards and send your gratitude and support to our Military, Veteran & First Responder heroes.

  • Donation Form: Complete the online donation form here. This form lets us know when you are ready send us your letters. It also provides you with detailed instructions and labels for shipping. (Postage not included)

  • Ship Letters: Follow the shipping guidelines received upon completion of the donation form to ship your completed items to Operation Gratitude HQ.

“Tonight when I got back to my base, all kinds of tired and worn out, I get a package from Operation Gratitude. Inside had many things, but one of the best things is what is in my hand. A thank you letter from a child. NOTHING can beat that to me. Thank you for all the support you give us. This is not my first deployment, nor is it my first package from you, but each and every time I am touched, and rejuvenated.”
US Army


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