11 Activities to Support Our Nation’s Heroes — No Matter Where You Live

Every week, we hear from enthusiastic people across the country, like you, who want to join us on the journey in supporting our Deployed Troops, Veterans, and their families. But, because they live far from our Los Angeles headquarters, they think they can’t. No matter where you are in the U.S., you can give hope, happiness, strength, and pride to the men and women who have served our country.    

So, how can you help?  We’re glad you asked!  

Here are 11 activities you can do to put smiles on the faces of our Deployed Troops, Veterans, and their families from wherever you are: 

  • Shop on Amazon 

Choose to give back while shopping this summer! When you shop on Amazon, you can support Operation Gratitude by shopping via AmazonSmile – click here to get started! Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase you’re already making to Operation Gratitude to support our Military and First Responders.  

  • Thank You Notes

Heartfelt, personal messages from individuals mean so much to our Care Package recipients — especially those who are far from home and away from home and loved ones. Feel free to share a bit about yourself, talk about the latest sports news, or even draw a picture. This is also a great way to get kids involved at home, school, church, or a club. The personal connection of a simple handwritten note can be all it takes to remind our Deployed Troops, Veterans, and First Responders that we are grateful for his or her service. To learn how you can get involved in writing notes of thanks visit our Letter Writing page.

  • Donate Your Photography Services to Military Families

If you are a photography enthusiast, consider donating some of your time and skills. Donating your time, skills, and resources is a great way to thank them for the sacrifices they are making.

  • Participate in RED Friday

At Operation Gratitude, our goal is not only to put Care Packages into the hands of Deployed Troops and First Responders; we are also committed to lifting the spirits of the men and women who serve and sacrifice for our country every day. Every Friday, we wear red to Remember Everyone Deployed. When our Deployed Troops see the public’s support via social media or in an e-mail, it can boost morale within a unit. The support does give many service members a sense of purpose and a feeling that the country is behind them.

  • Hold Your Own Fundraiser

Be the change and make it fun! There are many ways you can raise money to support those who have so bravely raised their hands to serve. You could create a unique self-challenge like walking 100 steps for every dollar raised, host a “Birthday for Boxes” and ask your friends and family to contribute to your fundraiser instead of giving a gift, or even leverage your streaming talents and become a Creator for Care Packages.

  • Get Crafty at Home

Are you a crafter? Do you like to sew? If you answered “Yes!” then we would love to have you join our Handmade With Love program. Our recipients are touched by the handmade items, like crocheted scarves and paracord bracelets, they receive in our Care Packages. Each created by our thoughtful supporters like you! If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, what better reason is there to learn! Much like the handwritten notes, these gifts mean that much more because a grateful American, somewhere in the U.S., took the time to create each one individually. To learn how you come get crafty with us visit our Handmade With Love page and join our Operation Gratitude In Action Facebook group to get connected to crafters nationwide.

  • Saying “Thank You” for your Service

Don’t forget that it’s never too late to say, “Thank You!” It’s important to all our Veterans and Deployed Troops to know that they are never forgotten and that somewhere out there cares.

  • Donate Money Toward a Care Package

We are always in need of your help to show our appreciation for the brave men and women who serve our country! Each Care Package we send costs $25 to assemble and ship. Help us reach more Deployed Troops and Veterans by covering the cost of shipping one or more Care Packages. You can donate in memory of a loved one or include a personalized message to the troops. To learn how you can make a donation visit our Donation page.

  • Foster the Pet of a Deployed Troop

Whether our Deployed Troops are newly deployed, have their deployments extended, or are redeployed, many face the dilemma of what to do with their pets in places they cannot go. Many service members who cannot afford kenneling services are forced to surrender their pets to animal shelters or rescue groups. PACT for Animals was founded to connect volunteer fosters with the pets of our service members to ensure that their pets will be taken care of while they are away. To foster the pet of service member visit the PACT for Animals website.

  • Support Military Families Near You

Have you heard about our Battalion Buddy program? We send cuddly stuffed animal “Battalion Buddy” Care Packages to the children of deploying service members. As with its Care Packages to deployed troops, Operation Gratitude’s Battalion Buddies program provides every American an opportunity to encourage the children of troops serving in combat. To support a military family near you and learn how you can create a “beary” special gift for a child visit our Military Families page. 

  • Lead a Service Project at Work

Be the difference in your office! Operation Gratitude programs are perfect for team building, corporate outreach programs, and social responsibility service projects. Click here to get in touch with our team today!

Volunteer From Anywhere

Volunteer From Anywhere

Volunteers are the heartbeat of what we do at Operation Gratitude. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without the support of grateful Americans across the country.

Join us at an event as we open our doors to volunteering. The safety of our volunteers and recipients is our top priority.

Volunteer with Your Company

Volunteer with Your Company

Partner with Operation Gratitude to organize a customized employee engagement event at the location of your choice.