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For the past several months — since our entire team came together at our HQ in Chatsworth CA last December — we have been talking about the importance of our mission and what we believe. Despite COVID-19 and widening divides in communities across the county, the renewed commitment of our volunteers, supporters, and partners has strengthened our resolve and affirmed our beliefs. We recognize that Operation Gratitude has a responsibility to be part of a solution that unites our nation and builds bridges.

This video, narrated by members of our unstoppable team, is a powerful representation of our Ethos. These core values are what we believe and what guide each of us, as we say “thank you” to our men and women in uniform and work toward the ultimate goal of strengthening communities through volunteerism, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements between those who serve and the citizens they protect.

We believe in the diversity of America and the opportunities that lay ahead to build a more inclusive and united society. We celebrate the diversity of our community of volunteers.

We believe in the goodness of humanity and that simple acts of kindness and gratitude positively impact others.

We believe in expressing gratitude to all who serve and protect our nation with honor, courage, and commitment.

We believe that saying “thank you for your service” is the start of a conversation that leads to a meaningful connection, which will create better understanding between civilians, military and first responders and help bridge divides.

We believe in letting our actions speak louder than words. Rather than simply writing words on paper or speaking from podiums, we are committed to taking action every day to forge bonds, bridge divides, and strengthen communities.

We believe in empathy, and we will continue to encourage our volunteers, our men and women in uniform, our employees, and the communities we touch across this country to forge bonds and come together to make a difference.

We believe in our unstoppable team — one that turns challenges into opportunities. We step up and support one another in order to achieve big goals and make a big impact. Together, our team will respond rapidly to an ever-changing environment. We will adapt as an organization to overcome adversity and meet the evolving needs of the communities we serve.

With your help, Operation Gratitude has already lifted the spirits of more than 360,000 service men and women (and their families) this year. I know our team and our growing army of volunteers will continue to take action and express appreciation to all those who serve. And I am confident that guided by what we believe, our organization will build bridges and strengthen communities nationwide.

Thank you for your continued support of Operation Gratitude and believing with us, too.

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