Volunteer at The Forward Operating Base (aka “The FOB”)

Daily Volunteering at the FOB

Join us at our new location, 19748 Dearborn St. in Chatsworth, to volunteer during the week!

We have tasks appropriate for all levels of ability. Available tasks are based on production needs which may include quality controlling Battalion Buddies, quality controlling and/or bagging Paracord Bracelets, and assembling Greeting Card Brigade packets and handwritten letters. 

If you are interested in volunteering in the warehouse to prepare for our Assembly Days, please email us at info@operationgratitude.com

Pre-Registration Required

Volunteers ages 13 years and older are welcome to serve at The FOB.  Youth who are 13-17 years of age must have a responsible adult with them on the premises at all times, with access to transportation. Due to insurance, liability, and safety concerns.

Once you register, you will receive an email with important details for your volunteer shift. 

COMMUNITY BASED Volunteer Groups


We can accommodate volunteer groups of less than 30 people at “The FOB” in Chatsworth, CA on a mutually convenient weekday with advanced notice and planning. Volunteer activities will be chosen by Operation Gratitude, based on current needs at the time of your visit.

Email info@operationgratitude.com



We provide turnkey corporate volunteer events at “The FOB” in Chatsworth, CA, providing companies with a unique opportunity to actively engage their employees outside of the office in a positive, team-building service project. The event sponsorship includes the assembly of our signature care packages and are typically 3 hours in length. We offer different sponsorship levels based on the number of participants, with the ability to host groups ranging in size from 30 – 200 people.