Veterans Day

This Veterans Day, Operation Gratitude is recognizing veterans from all years for their service to our nation. Through volunteer service projects, such as letter writing, care package assembly, and distribution, communities will join together in service to show gratitude and appreciation to their local veterans.  

We are in urgent need of handwritten letters of gratitude to military and first responder heroes. We ask all volunteers to write 10 letters with their families to bring with them to the event. For further instructions, view our letter writing toolkit.

Operation Gratitude will honor the service and sacrifice of those who served.

Each care package Operation Gratitude sends to a veteran, makes a tangible and profound impact that goes far beyond saying thank you for your service.  With the support of our nonprofit partners and financial support from organizations such as Target, Operation Gratitude will impact up to 20,000 veterans in communities across the nation. 

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Have Questions?  Please contact us at info@operationgratitude.com