“Immediately I shouted, “Use the 550 bracelets!” and went to work unraveling the one I was wearing.”

Hello, my name is LCpl R.L. and I am a 20 year old hailing from *****.   I enlisted as an infantryman in the U.S. Marines. Recently I received a Christmas package from Operation Gratitude and I would first like to start off by saying Thank you so much for that gift. My platoon had a hoot with the letter they received and even the smallest of toys in the packages. Heck, when you have nothing to do you’d be surprised how much entertainment you get from a slinky! I am emailing you to tell you the story of how I, and a couple other of my brethren, used the paracord bracelet that we received.

My unit is currently stationed in ****  and it can get quite cold and night, freezing if you will. Besides that, there is also random instances of rain that fly through our AO. Just last week some freezing rain rolled onto us in the dead of night and we sprang into action. We all grabbed our tarps in an effort to cover our extremely expensive weapon systems, including my weapon: the M-41 Saber. Well, we got our tarps on the Sabers and the machine guns, but we had no way to secure them to the turrets. Immediately I shouted, “Use the 550 bracelets!” and went to work unraveling the one I was wearing. In a short time we had the tarps secure on the weapons and crawled back into our trucks sopping wet in hopes of warming up and getting some shut eye before the morning, which came a little too soon for our likings.

Pretty awesome, right? It was an unexpected convenience having the 550 on us.

We always hear the same phrase, “Thank you for your service”. Though it is repeated often, the message carries through to me every time. Most people don’t understand the sacrifices we make to do these things and protect Home. But I would like to take the time and recognize YOUR sacrifices in showing appreciation to us over here. I take to heart the time devoted to us by citizens like yourselves back home as not everyone has that viewpoint nowadays. Thank you again.