We are so incredibly excited to announce that we received an incredible number of notes during our challenge - 6,164 notes to be exact! You are such an important part of helping us exceed our goal of 5,000 notes.



We can’t wait to get these notes into the hands of our Military and first responders, and we’ll be sure to share their feedback with you.

This means so much to our team at Operation Gratitude and to the brave individuals who made a commitment to serve our communities and our country.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference!

Your actions make an impact

“Thank you for the package you sent.  It filled my heart with joy knowing there are people out there who would go out of their way to help the service members out here.  So you made me fight harder for the good people of America.  Keep up what you are doing.  We all are enjoying your packages.  Hope you all stay safe.”  – LCPL K.A.G

“I want to thank you for all that you do for us.  The box made my day a lot better.  It is good to know that people actually do care about what we do and why we are here… The volunteers who took their time to pack and ship these boxes will always hold a small part of my heart.  The people who donated these items, I want to personally express how much these tokens of gratitude mean to me.  To all of the people involved, thank you for the time you all took out of your busy day to brighten my day.”

“We received your care packages!  Thank you to you and all of the volunteers for your thoughts, generosity, and time!  We appreciate your selflessness and caring.  All of the items sent are perfect too!  All of it is useful and the cards and letters brightened my day!  Thanks again for your generosity!” – CPT L.K.

$25 can send a Care Package. Donate today.