Do you have a collection of Beanie Babies, or small plush toys like Webkinz or Burt’s Bears, and are wondering what to do with them? Send them to us and we will put them in ALL of the care packages we send to deployed Troops!


…it may sound silly but the Beanie Baby brings an odd feeling of comfort to a grown man.”


 Please use this guide to order boxes, print postage, and have your box picked up by the post office.


In addition, we have heard from many service members that they give the Beanies to the local children, who in turn provide information on where IEDs are hidden. As one stated: “Not only are you putting smiles on our faces; you are saving our lives.”


Do they have to be Beanie Babies, Webkinz, or Burt’s Bears?

No. We are happy to send all small plush toys.

What size should they be?

We ask that the toys be no larger than 6” – 8” and that they are soft. Please do not send hard molded toys.

Do the toys have to be new or have their tags?

Absolutely not. They just need to be gently used, clean, and odor-free. 

How many do you need?

We need as many as you can send! We want to include a stuffed toy in every deployed troop care package we send each year! That means that we need more than 100,000 of them each and every year!

Should I send the plastic box I have stored them in?

No. Please do not send us any type of containers or place the toys in bags. The boxes will not fit in our care packages and bags contain air which will take up space. That means that the boxes and bags will be disposed of and we prefer not to waste anything.

Do you have somewhere that I can drop them off near my home?

At this time, all donations must be shipped or delivered to our main facility in Chatsworth CA. Please be sure to fill out a Donor Form and include a form in each of your boxes!

What’s the best way to ship my beanie babies?

The most cost effective way to ship your items is usually a flat rate box from the post office. You can pick up the boxes for free at your local post office or order them online from the post office website and they will be shipped to you at no cost.
One suggestion to reduce excess space in the flat rate box is to place your beanie babies in a vacuum seal bag inside your shipping box. When you vaccuum out the excess air you should be able to fit more beanie babies in each large flat rate box and ship each box for less than $20.

Purchase Beanie Babies, Webkinz, or other plush toys from our Amazon Wish List, or host a collection drive for new or gently used ones at your workplace, neighborhood or school.



Email us at HWL@operationgratitude.com.


  1. Fill out our Donor Form and print a copy for each box that you send.
  2. Ship small plush animals to:
    Operation Gratitude
    21100 Lassen Street
    Chatsworth, CA 91311-4278

Or drop them off in person:
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

I really wanted to thank you, the volunteers and supporters of Operation Gratitude. We have started receiving the goodie boxes. Everyone who received the boxes was so excited today. Everyone has their beanie baby on their desks. One person’s box had a very touching reaction. She got a stuffed squirrel just like the one she gave her dad when she was younger. He had used Velcro to stick it on the dash of his truck. He has since passed away, but her face lit up when she received the squirrel today. You reminded her of all the good times she had with her dad. All the Sailors had grins on their faces today. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate what you do for us. Have a blessed day! Very Respectfully,