Everyone Has a Role To Play

May is Military Appreciation Month, and as both a veteran and a colleague to many members of the military, I believe it’s important to honor those who protect and serve our country and communities. Some might think this month is only for military families and their closest acquaintances, but I believe this month is for everyone.

Impact Rippling Nationwide

As a result of our actions and consistent impact, we are poised to achieve a much bigger vision in the coming years. A nation united through service and gratitude.

Military Appreciation Month – What Can We Do?

To honor Military Appreciation Month, we have a simple, tangible way for YOU to help us say thank you to thousands of families like these during May, when Americans everywhere take pause to express appreciation to service members and their families.

See It With Your Own Eyes

I know it’s difficult to envision — Americans of all ages, in and out of uniform, from every walk of life, standing side by side in service to their country, their communities, and one another.

I understand. You may not believe it unless you see it with your own eyes. Let me help you picture it and imagine what it will be like, not only to see it but also to be a part of it in your own community.

Service & Motherhood: When Duties Collide

A recent study funded by Welch’s surveyed 2,000 U.S. moms and found their average workweek clocks in at around 98 hours. That’s the equivalent of two full-time jobs. Most will tell you it’s a labor of love, and while the dedication and sacrifice of that work alone is impressive, the picture changes when service to family meets service to country.