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I’ll wear this every day when it starts snowing

Thank you Brenda for spending time and making this scarf for me. It doesn’t sound like your a mean teacher at all. I really liked the design on it. I’ll wear this every day when it starts snowing. Thanks again.:)  C.M.

Very thoughtful gift for my new sailor

Very thoughtful gift for my new sailor.  L.S.

Please continue to do the wonderful things that you do for us — Every box you send truly DOES bring us closer to HOME.

Dear Operation Gratitude,

The ADMIN Office of Helicopter *****  would like to proudly thank you for the packages your organization has sent to us and to the rest of our shipmates at our command.  Your care packages were wonderful surprises and tremendous morale boosters to the nearly 200 of us who are currently deployed and away from our families stationed back in Japan.

Out of all the wonderful goodies within the packages themselves, I personally enjoy reading letters from citizens of all ages and all walks of life thanking us for our service.  Even as small a gesture as a “thank you” from a complete stranger means so much to us and our families.  In some instances, my Sailors and I have actually written back to a few of the authors.  Some luckier ones even received some spare command patches we had on hand.

Please continue to do the wonderful things that you do for us — Every box you send truly DOES bring us closer to HOME.

Very Respectfully,

Your bracelets are pretty popular

Hello everyone!!  First, let me say thank you for your support of all of us that are deployed away from home and our families! Your bracelets have been a big hit with us! So, who are ‘we’ and I? We are the USNS ***** (T-AH 20) deployed in support of Continuing Promise 2015 where we have been sailing around Central and South America providing medical care. We are not doing dangerous jobs that put our lives at risk, we are doing our main jobs:  doctor, nurse, ancillary provider, etc, etc, onboard and ashore to local folks.

So, your bracelets are pretty popular. First because of the color. We dig the camouflage colors, but many of us like the more ‘flamboyant’ ones, if you call red and black flamboyant over general camo colors!

I have used three of your bracelets so far. The first one I gave away to a 10 year old patient who saw it on my bag (where I kept it in plain site for anyone to use) and he put it on as just a bracelet from an ‘American’! The next time I needed one was when a stray dog entered our site and we were going to use it as a leash to get him out, but he left on his own. The second and third time I actually used the bracelets was to extend a ladder, you know one of those ladders with the pulley on it to extend it about twice it’s height, so our guys could put a satellite dish on a roof. Strong stuff. I actually did get that cord back, but then since it was already unraveled we ended up using it to tie shower curtains up (that we were using as visual barriers) because we ran out of shower curtain hooks! Amazing what you can do when you have a little string on you!

Thanks again and if you really will replace the three bracelets I used, please send them to my house because we won’t get mail before we return.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Thank you!!!

Thank  you!!!   J.G.

Thanks for the packages!

Thanks for the packages!   H.S.

Please keep supporting our troops deployed!

Operation Gratitude,

Thanks so much for the care package. I received mine at a Memorial Day function at Playland Park in *****.  I was not deployed (this time!), but still appreciate the time, effort, and money you and your volunteers put into this.
Thanks again for all you do. Please keep supporting our troops deployed!
Semper fidelis,
LtCol M.S.

Our favorite part of the packages were all the cards and letters

We have received our Operation Gratitude packages! It was like Christmas
in July. Our favorite part of the packages were all the cards and

We would love to thank you and the Operation Gratitude family for all
your love and support.

With love,
USS Anchorage Sailors

Very Respectfully,

Thank you Thank you Thank you! GOD BLESS Y’ALL

My son graduated from PARRIS ISLAND! So proud of him… He leaves tomorrow after only 10 days at home:(  everyone in *****  was very excited to receive your gifts!  Thank you Thank you Thank you! GOD BLESS Y’ALL.  R.R.

Your care and dedication mean a lot


I am a deployed sailor supporting CJTF-OIR here in **** . I received a wonderful box of goodies as I was leaving deployment training before arriving out here in Kuwait and I just wanted to thank you for all the great items.  The scarf is wonderful (although it is so hot here it may be a few months before I use it :) and all the personal items and the book will come in handy.  I appreciate everyone there supporting the deployed military members like myself, your care and dedication mean a lot!  Thanks again and God bless all of you!


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