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Wish List

Halloween candy must be delivered by mid-November.

Shipping information below.

Have you checked out the Operation Gratitude Wish List on Amazon.com?
What’s great about this Amazon.com “Wish List” is that our supporters can easily see what we need for our care packages and place an order online without having to deal with the hassle of boxing up and shipping the items to us — Amazon.com and the various vendors take care of all that, and many of the items qualify for FREE shipping!  Read more on our Blog Post

If your company would like to send a large quantity of any of these or other items, please click here.

Provide items from the Wish List (Please provide new items only; shipping address below):

Knit Hats, Scarves, Neck Gators (see directions links below or here: Scarves)
Paracord Survival Bracelets (see more info here: Bracelets)
Beanie Babies, Webkinz or other Small Plush Toys (6 inches or smaller)
Socks (preferably black, brown, green, tan; not white)
DVDs and CDs, Video Games, iPods, Computer Flash Drives,
Lip Balm (with extra seal), roll-on deodorant
Hand and Foot Warmers

Individually packaged razors
Pens, pocket-size waterproof notebooks or spiral pads
Shaving Cream
(Gel or Cream based only)
Moist Towelettes (individual packets)
Dental Kits: toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash (travel-size)
Travel-Size Board Games, Handheld electronic games
Bandana Coolers/Cool-Ties*, Mini-Battery-operated Fans
Halloween Candy — More info: Halloween Website Halloween Facebook Page
Travel Size containers of Foot Powder
Screen Printed T-Shirts, Baseball Style Caps, Gloves
Holiday and General Occasion Greeting Cards (blank)
Unsealed personal cards and letters
Used Cell Phones, Video Games and Systems, iPods, PDAs, Ink-jet Cartridges
Yarn for our knitters to make scarves
Gift Cards to chain stores such as supermarkets, drugstores, Walmart, Target, or VISA, MasterCard, American Express


* Here are  great craft projects for school, scout, social and community groups:

Knit/Crochet Scarves: Feel free to use your own pattern or  find details here: Handmade Scarves and Hats
We want to include a Knit/Crochet scarf in every Holiday Care Package (at least 60,000!)–Please spread the word about this project. Encourage knitting groups, blogs and websites to support us!

Paracord “Survival” Bracelets: Easy and fun to make; potentially life-saving for our Troops and First Responders
For more information and Instructions:  Survival Bracelets
Community Service Opportunity: Operation Gratitude will issue 1 hour of Community Service Credit for every 5 Bracelets donated.

Bandana Cool-Ties for our troops!
Follow this link for patterns and directions: Cool-Ties
Follow this link to buy the water-absorbing polymer granules needed for your Cool Ties:  Materials

Neck Warmers/”Gators” Directions:
Please see:  Gators
Please use tan, brown, desert camouflage or other neutral colored cotton or material.

Your only shipping cost is in sending the items to Operation Gratitude.  However, any contributions toward the cost of shipping the packages overseas ($15/package) would be greatly appreciated.

Please mail checks separately from cartons of items.

To donate online, click this button:

More than 97% of all donations are devoted to Program Services.   Only 2.6% of funds raised is used for administrative and fundraising expenses.

Support for Veterans Groups:   Operation Gratitude has an active and growing Veterans Care Package Program, delivering care packages to veterans through VA facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and Veterans groups.  In addition, Operation Gratitude donates excess products to local organizations that serve Veterans in need due to illness/disability, homelessness, or substance abuse.  Beneficiaries include: The Sepulveda and West Los Angeles VA Hospitals, New Directions and Women in Need.

**Purple Heart Care Package Program:

Operation Gratitude works with representatives at Military hospitals and Wounded Warrior Transition Units to provide care packages for Purple Heart Recipients/Veterans to let them know they are never forgotten.

Recognizing that Warriors when first injured are most concerned with the well-being of their comrades still on the frontlines, we also offer a service to send care packages to the wounded’s buddies.  Not only does this let the downrange troops know their wounded comrade is thinking about them, but most importantly, it helps the wounded feel they are still contributing to the mission and supporting their comrades.

If you would like to send letters specifically for our wounded heroes, please send them in a separate envelope marked “Purple Heart Recipient.”

Special Items needed for Purple Heart Care Packages:
Gift Cards to chain stores such as supermarkets, drugstores, Walmart or Target
Entertainment Items (DVDs, CDs, new magazines and paperback books)
Hygiene Products
iPods, DVD Players
Crossword and  Sudoko Books
Jigsaw Puzzles (in small boxes)
Model kits (planes, cars, ships, etc)

Click for Flyers:

10 Easy Ways To Support Our Troops
Letter Writing
Letter Writing for Teachers
Battalion Buddy Program
Hand Made Items: Scarves and Cool-Ties
Recycle Cell Phones
Donate Your Car
Organize a Collection Drive
Girl Scouts: Troops to Troops

View Operation Gratitude Posters Here: POSTERS
Email [email protected]  if you would like digital files to reproduce copies (designed to print out as 22″ x 28″).



1. Donation Form:

Please print out this form:  Donation Form, complete it and include a completed form in EVERY carton you send to Operation Gratitude.  This form is required in order to receive an acknowledgment of receipt from us.   If you cannot access the link, please email us to receive a copy.

2. Dates to Ship:

a. We accept items and letters year-round.
b. Halloween Candy must be delivered by mid-November

3. ADDRESS: Ship donated items, with this Donation Form (click to access) to:***

Operation Gratitude/Forward Operating Base
21100 Lassen Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

***In order to receive an acknowledgment for donated items, you must include this Donation Form inside every carton. If sending more than one carton, a Donation Form must be included in each carton.  Please indicate the total number of cartons being sent so we can be sure we have received all of them.


4. Financial donations:

If you are also sending checks, please send separately from items/letters (to avoid losing them) with a note referencing the item/letter donation to:
Operation Gratitude
P.O. Box 260257
Encino, CA 91426-0257

5. In-person deliveries can be made during our Volunteer Hours of Operation as stated on the website.

6. Shipping Tips:

a. Feel free to use any size cartons–whatever you have on hand or can easily find.
b. The ideal carton size is:  24″ x 24″ x 20″ or smaller.   Packages must weigh less than 50 pounds.
c. To protect your item donations in the event of box damage during transit, we suggest you enclose the contents in a ziplock or other sealable plastic bag.
d. Please use the most economical method from your location.  You can check the websites of the various shippers (UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, DHL) and get their respective prices based on weight and size of package.  Some of these outlets are allowed to offer discounts, as they are owned as franchises.
e. You can also check with local moving or freight companies–they may be willing to add your donation to their load for very little money (or for free) if they are heading this way anyway.
f. If funds for shipping are an issue, you can check with local Veterans’ groups and/or civic organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions) to see if any would partner with you to cover the shipping.
g. Thank you for understanding that Operation Gratitude cannot pay for shipping donations to our facility, as we need every penny of our funds to pay the cost of sending the care packages to the troops: $15/package.

7. Acknowledgments:**

a. All financial donations will be acknowledged.
b. If you would like to receive an acknowledgment for donated items, you must include this Donation Form (click to access) inside every carton in your shipment.
c. Acknowledgment letters will be sent within three (3) months.
d. Operation Gratitude is a 501(c)(3) organization; donations are tax deductible as provided by law.

8. Confirmation of Delivery:

** If you want confirmation of delivery on your shipment to us prior to receipt of our acknowledgment letter, please use the tracking system provided by your shipper.

9. Use of Donations:

Operation Gratitude welcomes donations of all products in furtherance of its mission to support our Military.  We reserve the right to determine the appropriate use of each donated item, including but not limited to inclusion in our care packages, donation to Military bases or other charities, and/or for fundraising or volunteer appreciation purposes.

10. More Support Information:

For more information about supporting Operation Gratitude, please email [email protected] or click here: Supporting Our Troops