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Vice President of Operations
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With a two-fold mission to lift the spirits of the Military and First Responder communities; and to provide “hands-on” volunteer opportunities for Americans everywhere to express their appreciation to all who serve, Operation Gratitude is uniquely positioned to help bridge the civilian-military, and the broader civilian-service, divide. Our goal is to become the preeminent organization in the nation for Military and First Responder Support and Volunteerism. Since the organization’s founding in 2003, Operation Gratitude has mobilized 350,000+ volunteers and donors nationally to distribute more than 2 Million Care Packages.

Through the expansion of our distribution networks, establishment of national partnerships, and the growth of volunteer activities over the next 3-5 years, Operation Gratitude will look to double the number of customized Care Packages it sends annually to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and to their families waiting at home, to Veterans, First Responders, New Recruits, Gold Star families, Wounded Heroes, and their Care Givers.  For details about specific care package and volunteer programs, please visit


As Operation Gratitude expands its scope and reach, output and volunteer engagement are critical to our success. The Vice President of Operations will lead a mission-focused effort to increase support for our active duty military, first responders, veterans and their families.  The Vice President of Operations will do so by working collaboratively with other members of the Leadership and Operations Teams to execute an operations strategy designed to meet Operation Gratitude’s ambitious growth goals, increasing care package output from 250,000+ packages per year to 500,000 packages per year over the next five years.  

Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President of Operations will oversee all aspects of Operations to achieve the core mission of the organization. The Vice President of Operations will ensure that all production and distribution goals are accurately met on a timely basis, that inventory is properly stored and accounted for, that all safety and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded, that facility and equipment are properly maintained and in good working order, and that volunteers are properly and fully engaged in on-site activities.

The Vice President of Operations will collaborate with the Development, Engagement and Communications teams to enhance those departments through the efforts at the FOB (Forwarding Operating Base: Operation Gratitude) and to convey the needs of the Operations team to ensure that Operations receives adequate products and personnel (paid and volunteer) to ensure proper and timely delivery of the appropropriate customized Operation Gratitude Care Packages to Veterans, First Responders, New Recruits, Gold Star families, Wounded Heroes, their Care Givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and to their families waiting at home. The VP of Operations will also work with the Leadership Team to assist with the expansion of distribution networks and the growth of volunteer activities in communities across America.


I. Strategic Operations towards Organizational Growth

    1. Assist the Director of Military & First Responder Engagement to identify needs within the Military and First Responder communities that Operation Gratitude can serve in a “niche” capacity  
    2. Determine Distribution Channels for Care Packages
      1. Maintain contact with POCs for distribution points
      2. Supervise Distribution
        1. Individual package shipments
        2. Shipment of Pallets of packages
    3. Participate in the facilities expansion of Operation Gratitude into new geographic locales
      1. Assist in site selection
      2. Advise on initial facility setup
      3. Oversee the distribution of donated product among the various facilities
      4. Assist in allocating production assignments among the facilities
    4. Increase number of packages sent/delivered annually to meet goals set in Strategic Plan
    5. Assist with the development of relationships in the Military and First Responder communities by working closely with other nonprofit organizations, veterans groups, and military leadership. Attend relevant conferences and training programs.

II. Facility Operations

  1.  Inventory and Product Management oversight and assistance
    1. Lead the annual Inventory Audit
    2. Ensure compliance with accepting inventory accounting methods
  2. Care Package Production: Oversight of Production & Distribution
    1. Approve or reject all items to be included in Care Packages
    2. Organize the production and distribution of a minimum of 250,000 up to 350,000 or more Operation Gratitude Care Packages in 2018.
    3. Monitor the package production processes and direct assembly line supervisors
    4. Ensure that Care Packages are produced efficiently; that they are of high quality and the right quantity per Operation Gratitude standards and reputation
    5. Prepare operational schedules and help coordinate volunteer activities to ensure production and quality of Care Packages meet specifications
    6. Prepare monthly and when necessary, weekly, production plans and distribute as needed
    7. Communicate with the Volunteer Engagement and Communications teams to ensure adequate numbers of volunteers and activities
    8. Supervise the Material Stock Control Manager to maintain a real-time physical inventory to ensure that all packages can be filled with appropriate quantity and quality of products and that all needed production and shipping supplies are on hand
    9. Collaborate with the Development and Volunteer Engagement teams to procure needed and requested items and to ensure stock levels are adequate to meet production needs.
    10. Coordinate with the Director of Military & First Responder Engagement to ensure that packages are produced in a timely fashion and that shipments are fulfilled via USPS or freight shippers
    11. Review accuracy of distribution information (i.e. recipient/POC’s name and address) using Microsoft Excel and/or Salesforce
    12. Ensure accurate printing of all shipping documents and reconcile any discrepancies
    13. Properly employ third party logistics partners to provide pick up, transport and delivery services
    14. Identify the most cost efficient way to utilize less-than-truck, truckload and volume freight
    15. When required, negotiate tariffs and contract terms with shipping partner
    16. Maintain safe and clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of all equipment and resources
  3. Volunteer Management
    1. Collaborate with the Director of Volunteer and Community Engagement to ensure quality experiences for on-site volunteers
    2. Ensure the Operations Team is adequately prepared and equipped for all Volunteer activities on and/or off site
    3. Respond to (or send to the appropriate Staff member to handle) complaints, suggestions or concerns of Volunteers, Care Package recipients, family members, points of contact or others, to maintain the integrity and reputation of Operation Gratitude’s Care Package programs.
  4. Administration
    1. Oversee all members of the Ground Team and ensure full compliance with each member’s individual Position Description
    2. Procure production supplies
    3. Maintain facility cleanliness
    4. Maintain safe and clean work environment
    5. Coordinate event signage for all on and off-site events
    6. Ensure all legal and/or required regulatory signage is appropriately posted and adequately displayed
    7. Maintain safety forms and serve as the primary liaison with Paychex OSHA Representative
    8. Oversee product deliveries
    9. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all equipment related to Operations to include but not limited to vehicles and forklifts
  5. Development Support
    1. Participate in Cause Marketing Outreach Pitches and Programs as needed
    2. Participate in Foundation/Corporate/Major Donor site visits
    3. Identify and solicit potential corporate product donors
      1. Suggest products for packages
      2. Make initial contact with appropriate potential corporate donors if requested by the Development team
    4. Outreach Opportunities: Serve as an Ambassador for Organization
      1. Speaking engagements-community events
      2. Attend on and off-site Corporate Volunteer Events
      3. Participate in Media Interviews-TV, Radio, Print as requested by the Communications team


  • Bachelor’s degree or work equivalent, and a minimum of five years experience in program coordination / management /logistics / warehouse management in the Military, First Responder, government and/or non-profit arena
  • The ideal candidate has a meaningful connection to the “service” community, a compelling personal narrative and be knowledgeable about, or have a willingness to learn about, the Military and First Responder communities
  • Understand Military terminology to include: addresses, acronyms, and unit names
  • In-depth understanding of and proficiency with Microsoft Excel, to include:
    • vLookup and Match functions
    • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charting
    • Macros
    • “True” / “False” and “If” / “Then” formulas
    • Identify Duplicate Values
  • Experience with Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, SalesForce
  • Working knowledge of Inventory cycles, management and accounting
  • Warehouse, logistics and distribution experience
  • Demonstrate progressive management and leadership positions.
  • Passionately embraces the mission and values of Operation Gratitude and conveys sincere compassion for, and understanding of, the Military and First Responder communities
  • Appreciates the spirit of volunteerism, and understands the critical role that volunteers play in the organization  
  • A “roll up your sleeves” attitude and a joyful willingness to step in to do whatever needs to be done at any given time.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships and confident public speaking skills
  • Highly organized, self-motivated and able to effect change
  • Demonstrated leader in creating positive experiences with a diverse range of individuals
  • Strong management skills including planning, coordination and supervision
  • Ability to multi-task in the execution of simultaneous activities and events
  • Sound decision-making ability
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Service in, or affiliation with, the Military/First Responder communities highly desirable

Operation Gratitude is an equal opportunity employer. For more information about Operation Gratitude, please visit


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Salary is competitive and dependent on experience.  Full benefits, including medical, dental and vision, 401k and life insurance, are available