Military Appreciation Month – What Can We Do?

To honor Military Appreciation Month, we have a simple, tangible way for YOU to help us say thank you to thousands of families like these during May, when Americans everywhere take pause to express appreciation to service members and their families.

Crossing the Finish Line

When all is said and done, during April — which happens to be both the Month of the Military Child and National Volunteer Month — we will do more than any other organization in the country when it comes to impacting the lives of military kids, as well as volunteers of all ages and from every walk of life. But we need your help crossing the finish line.

Building Bridges with Our Nation’s Heroes

Our team is asking you to stay the course with us and go a step beyond saying “thank you for your service.”

We’re asking you to help us build bridges between civilians and our men and women in uniform and their families in communities nationwide.

Support, See, and Stand with Them

As you read these words, there are moms and dads saying goodbye to their kids at airports just like I did on January 25, 2008 when my oldest son Luke turned 13. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was on my way to Israel where I would spend the better part of my final year as a United States Marine. My youngest son, Jack, who was then 7, cried inconsolably, clutching the back of my neck and refusing to let go.

Two Marines & Our Military Kids

What we do together during the Month of the Military Child will help thousands of military families feel appreciated, understood, and connected to their communities.

Stay the Course

Challenging weeks happen from time to time when you are part of a nonprofit and work tirelessly to make a difference.

But in those difficult moments, it always seems something inevitably happens that reminds us why serving others is so incredibly important and that we must stay the course.

Coming of Age

The value of Operation Gratitude’s signature care packages isn’t measured in dollars and cents. It is measured by what it represents to both the service member and the volunteers who prepare them.

Our 18 years of consistent impact as an organization are a direct result of Americans, like you, who want our service men and women to know they are appreciated and never forgotten.

Bob’s Bridge: It’s All of the Above

By sharing stories about our founder, our history, and most importantly our impact in countless conversations — at service projects, luncheons, care package deliveries, ceremonies, and parades — Bob Donovan has impressed upon every person he has met the importance of saying thank you to those who serve our nation.

What better person than a Vietnam Veteran, who never heard the words “thank you” during his career in the military, to explain why simple acts of gratitude make a difference? Who better than a Blue Shirt who has experienced the magic of OG at dozens of Assembly Days to describe how Operation Gratitude gives every American the opportunity to express appreciation to our men and women in uniform in tangible ways?