September 11th & First Responder Care Pouches

It was an extraordinary day of camaraderie, emotion, and patriotism when 1,332 volunteers and dozens of local First Responders united at Forward Operating Base: Operation Gratitude (aka “The FOB”) on September 11, 2016.

Working together, we renewed our vow to “Never Forget” and assembled 11,280 First Responder Care Pouches in honor of the heroes who ran towards danger fifteen years ago.

The Care Pouches will be distributed to First Responders (Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics) in Los Angeles and nationwide to say “Thank You” to the men and women who continue to put themselves in harm’s way today and every day.

They are our Hometown Heroes, and they deserve a big “Thank You” for their service! You can see all the photos from this event on our Facebook page here.

Earlier this year, after the tragic events in Texas resulted in the deaths of five Dallas Police Officers, volunteers assembled 4,000 Care Pouches for the entire department. They let us know that the gifts were appreciated (see their tweet of thanks here).

These Care Pouches are our way to show gratitude and unwavering support to the men and women in uniform who defend and protect Americans here at home every day.

Included in the custom-designed pouches are an assortment of items such as energy shots, protein bars, lip balm, pens and pencils, anti-bacterial gel, and a quick-deploy Paracord “Survival” Bracelet. These items will provide relief and convenience while First Responders are in the field. When empty, the pouch can easily be re-used for a variety of purposes.

There are approximately 2 Million First Responders throughout the United States. Operation Gratitude is committed to delivering a Care Kit to each and every one!

We have only just begun, and with so many First Responders to thank, we need your help!

Here are three simple ways you can get involved in the First Responder Care Pouch Program:

1. Host a Collection Drive

Host a Collection Drive in your school, church, workplace, or community to gather some of the products that go in each Care Pouch.

Here is the complete “wish list” of Collection Drive items to donate.

2. Host a “Cents for Service” Drive

Every penny counts! Collect spare change at your school or workplace to help with the cost of making and shipping a Care Pouches ($5 per kit). Click here to request more information and materials to get you started.

3. Sponsor Care Pouches

If you are interested in sponsoring First Responder Care Pouches with a tax-deductible financial donation, please visit our secure form: bit.ly/FirstResponderKits

Official representatives of Law Enforcement, Fire and Paramedic/EMT Departments may request Care Pouches here.

We welcome your additional ideas and suggestions of how to thank all who protect and serve! Please contact us by emailing info@operationgratitude.com.

Operation Gratitude is proud to stand as a place to honor and remember American heroes.

And we will always provide an opportunity to express your gratitude to all who serve.

Thank you for your kind and caring support!

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