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Group Request Form

Based on our shipping schedules and to avoid returns, we can only accept package
requests for deployed troops who are currently deployed and will still be
in country/at sea
3 months beyond your request date.

Units of Five or More:

1) Click this to access the Excel form to submit your roster. When the window opens, click on “Save.” Name the file using the first line of the unit’s mailing address, and then “Save To” an appropriate place on your computer.

2) Fill out all information on the form:
a) Rank is used for our internal ID purposes to rule out duplicate requests; rank will not be on the mailing label
b) Due to security and confidentiality concerns, we can only accept lists of names from a military member of the deployed unit.  The “Submitter” email in Column J of the Group Request Form needs to be of a military POC (Point of Contact) deployed with the unit.

3) Once the form is filled out, click “Save” to save the completed file to your computer.

4) Open a “Write Email” screen and attach the Excel form/file

5) In your email message:
a) Put first line of team address in the Subject Line.
b) Include the complete team address in the body of the message.
c) Include approximate date to redeploy in the body of the message.

6) Send your email with your completed Excel attachment to opgrat@aol.com.

Individuals and Units of Fewer than Five:
Please submit a Request Package Form on the www.operationgratitude.com website for each person.

We will not include rank on mailing labels.

If you have trouble downloading the Excel form or have any other questions, please email us at: opgrat@aol.com