Beginning on July 1st, we are challenging our volunteers across the country to make as many red white and blue paracord bracelets as they can!

We encourage challengers to use Red, White, and Blue colored paracord ( and multi colored cord including the 3 colors) but all colors will be accepted for the challenge.


  1. Register for the Challenge.
  2. Read Official Rules.
  3. Make as many paracord bracelets as you can! All bracelets must be made of 550 paracord, and measure between 8” and 9” long. Each bracelet must contain no less than 7 ½ feet of continuous paracord.
  4. Complete a Donation Form and send it with all completed paracord bracelets to Operation Gratitude postmarked no later than July 27, 2021.
  5. Premade or purchased paracord bracelets are not eligible for the challenge.


 Please use this guide to order boxes, print postage, and have your box picked up by the post office.



Prizes will be awarded to the 10 entrants who create and submit the most paracord bracelets during the competition period. Prizes include, but are not limited to (see official rules for details):

IST PLACE winner’s picture will be placed on the “Wall of Winners” at our facility in Chatsworth


  1. A letter explaining the challenge along with the names of the top entrants will be included in signature Operation Gratitude Care Packages.
  2. Entrant’s name and number of submitted bracelets featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media platforms (circulation:  300,000+)
  3. Photos of Entrant’s bracelets featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media Platforms
  4. Operation Gratitude signature Red T-Shirt


        1. Entrant’s name and number of submitted bracelets featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media platforms (circulation:  300,000+)
        2. Photos of Entrant’s bracelets featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media Platforms


        What colors are accepted?

        Your bracelets can be Red, White, Blue, or any combination of these three colors.

        What style of bracelet should I make?

        We prefer that you make our  “quick deploy” or “quick release” style of bracelet, but all designs will be accepted.

        Where can I buy my paracord?

        1. Purchase the cord from our eBay page. The post office usually takes two-three business days to deliver the supplies to your doorstep. Each kit contains enough cord to make 5 bracelets, and the cord is already cut and sealed.
        2. AmazonSmile For every purchase made using Amazon Smile, Operation Gratitude receives a small donation.
        3. Purchase cord online: www.ParacordPlanet.com, www.BoredParacord.com 

        If I buy my own cord, what type of paracord should I buy?

        Please use 550 paracord only. You do not need to purchase “Type III or Mil-Spec” paracord. Many stores sell rope or low-grade “350 paracord” as 550 paracord, so be sure to check the label so you don’t waste your money! 

        You will need to cut each piece 7 ½ feet long and seal the ends with a lighter and squeeze the end shut to prevent the inner strands from coming out.

        What size should my bracelet be when finished?

        When you begin your bracelet, we ask that you lay your paracord on the “Jig” to determine the length. It should be 8” – 9” long when complete.

        Can I include a note with my bracelets?

        Yes! The note should be the size of a business card because our bracelets are sent in a 3″x5″ plastic bag. Please do not attach the note to the bracelet. Simply put all of your notes in a plastic bag and we will include one of your notes with each bracelet as they are packed.

        Learn more about making paracord bracelets here.

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        Can I receive Community Service Credit (“CSC”) for making and donating bracelets?

        Yes, you can earn one hour of CSC for every five Paracord Bracelets made and returned to our facility or mailed to us with a Product Donation Form, a note requesting Community Service Credit, and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please understand that our turnaround time can be 2-4 weeks

        What’s the best way to ship my bracelets?

        Begin by writing “ATTN PARACORD CHALLENGE” on your box in big bold letters!! 

        Keep the bracelet(s) flat (don’t put the knot through the loop and DO NOT make a chain of the bracelets) because that allows you to put more in each box or envelope. Depending on how many bracelets you’re sending, you might want to use a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. A small box can hold 15-20 bracelets, a padded flat rate envelope can hold 40-50 bracelets, a medium can hold 200 bracelets, and a large can hold 300 or more flat bracelets. This way, you’re paying a flat rate regardless of weight.

        Do I need a donor form to ship my bracelets?

        Absolutely! Whether you mail your bracelets or drop them off, we need you to fill out our online Product Donation Form! We will send you an email with our address and your packing slip immediately after you click submit. Please include one copy in your box and tape one copy to the outside.

        Do I have to mail my bracelets in if I live close to the “FOB”?

        No. Donations can be dropped off at our FOB in Chatsworth, CA, Monday – Thursday 9 am – 3 pm using our contactless drop-off bin located in the front of our facility. 

        What is your shipping address?

        Operation Gratitude
        9409 Owensmouth Avenue
        Chatsworth CA 91311