Beginning May 13th, we are challenging our amazing volunteers across the nation to knit or crochet as many red scarves and hats as possible!

Why Red? Because every Friday Operation Gratitude and millions of others across the country remember everyone deployed.

For each household, we are also challenging you to write 20 letters of gratitude to thank those deployed so far from home. In a tangible way, Operation Gratitude will honor those who serve our country around the world by including your beautiful handmade scarves and hats, and letters in our care packages.


  1. Register for the Challenge.
  2. Read Official Rules.
  3. Make as many hats as you can using size 4 worsted weight yarn (no bulky yarn).  Scarves must be between 4” -6” wide and 48”-50” long. Please do not put a pom-pom on hats.
  4. Complete a Donation Form and send it with all completed paracord bracelets to Operation Gratitude postmarked no later than June 15, 2021.
  5. Premade or scarves and hats are not eligible for the challenge.


Prizes will be awarded to the 10 entrants who create and submit the most paracord bracelets during the competition period. Prizes include, but are not limited to (see official rules for details):

IST PLACE winner’s picture will be placed on the “Wall of Winners” at our facility in Chatsworth


  1. A letter explaining the challenge along with the names of the top entrants will be included in signature Operation Gratitude Care Packages delivered to Deployed Troops
  2. Entrant’s name and number of submitted scarves, hats, and letters featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media platforms (circulation:  300,000+)
  3. Photos of Entrant’s red scarves, hats, and letters featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media Platforms
  4. Operation Gratitude signature Red T-Shirt


        1. Entrant’s name and number of submitted red scarves, hats, and letters featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media platforms (circulation:  300,000+)
        2. Photos of Entrant’s red scarves, hats, and letters featured on Operation Gratitude’s Social Media Platforms

        Social Distancing & Shipping

        During this time of social distancing, you don't need to leave your home to mail your handmade items! Please use this guide to order boxes, print postage, and have your box picked up by the post office.



        Please only use a size 4 worsted weight yarn for both hats and scarves. DO NOT use bulky yarn! 

        Your scarves need to be 4′ – 6″ wide and 48″ – 50″ long, and when making hats, we ask that you do not put a “Pom Pom” on top. You are welcome to put fringe on the scarves, but it must be no longer than 3”..  

        You can use any stitch you enjoy using and we encourage you to be creative! All shades of red are acceptable and can include white stripes if you’d like to change things up a bit.

        We encourage you to write a small note for each item you make. The note can be as simple as “Thank You for your service” and then add your first name and email address just in case the recipient would like to write you a thank you note. Please use regular paper and not a card so that it conforms to the shape of your rolled hat or scarf.

        To help us out process your hats and scarves, we ask that you roll them tightly and secure them with a single rubber band. Please roll your notes inside your scarves and put them inside your hats so they won’t get lost. Please do not attach your notes to your items. If you have put fringe on your scarves, it must be rolled inside your scarves prior to shipping!

        When you are ready to send in your beautiful handmade items please be sure to fill out our Product Donation Form and follow the instructions for shipping your hats and scarves to us. 

        Please address your box to:
        Operation Gratitude
        9409 Owensmouth Ave
        Chatsworth CA 91311

        Follow #VirtualVolunteerism on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

        All shipments MUST be postmarked no later June 15th to qualify for the challenge. We have put together a special shipping document with tips and tricks on how to ship your scarves and hats without ever leaving your home by using the post office website. You are not required to use the post office for your shipping, especially if you can find a lower cost for postage! 

        Please do not put your hats and scarves in individual bags! You can line your box with a trash bag if you are concerned about your shipment arriving clean and dry.

        To save space in your box and to reduce the number of boxes for shipping, we encourage you to “vacuum-seal your scarves and hats. You do not need to buy special vacuum bags to do this. Simply line your box with a trash bag and carefully fill the box packing your items in as tightly as possible. Wrap the top of the bag tightly around your vacuum hose and suck the air out of the bag. Spin the bag while the vacuum is still running to seal the bag and tie it off with a piece of yarn or twine. Please be sure to add extra tape to your box!

        If you have any questions please email Kelly at HWL@Operationgratitude.com or call 818-960-7555 Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm PST