We are a collective of military and veteran nonprofit organizations, and together, we are issuing a call to action to America:

Show all those who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic as well as our military and deployed troops the infinite support of a grateful nation!

As nonprofit leaders, we invite all veterans, service members, and families we serve to join us and pay it forward by writing letters of gratitude!

Celebrate Christmas in July and
write letters of gratitude to deployed troops!

In the News

“Veterans and active-duty service members alike understand precisely what it means when a doctor in New York City describes her emergency room as “controlled chaos” and a “battlefield.” We, too, have been deployed. Many of the front-line responders, staying in temporary housing — away from their families — are experiencing an aspect of being deployed for the first time right now. And they deserve our thanks for that sacrifice.”
– Kevin Schmiegel, Operation Gratitude, CEO

Read Kevin’s full article in The Hill.

Pay it Forward Collective

Mike Erwin
Executive Director
Team RWB

Eric Eversole
Hiring Our Heroes

Kevin Schmiegel
Operation Gratitude

Steve Schwab
Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Ashish Vazirani
Executive Director and CEO
National Military Family Association

Sally Ann Zoll, Ed.D.
United Through Reading