James Johnson
Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
Chief Executive Officer

John Laskodi
U.S. Army (Ret.)
Chief Operating Officer

Kirsten Adams
Director of Corporate Partnerships
(818) 960-6300

Carolyn Blashek
Founder & Senior Advisor 

Anne Bottema
Senior Manager of Information Systems
(818) 960-6400

Pedro Carrillo
Inventory & Donations Coordinator
(818) 960-7877

Stacey Danlyan
Senior Director of Volunteer & Community Engagement
(818) 960-7879

Maria Escuela
Donor Relations Coordinator

Luis Franco
Senior Manager of Production & Distribution
(818) 960-7875

Lisa Gipti-Mojica
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
(818) 671-4400

Katie Haney
First Responder Program Manager
(818) 960-6900

Richard Headley
Master Sergeant, USMC (Ret.)
Senior Director of Military & Veteran Programs
(818) 600-9606

Krysten Angulo
Fundraising Manager
(818) 960-6800

Vicki Johnson
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Cheryl Hardy
Accounting Manager
(818) 960-7873

Cheryl Zerah
VP of Administration & Corporate Secretary
(818) 960-7871

Nancy Levy
Senior Director of Donor Relations
(818) 960-6999

Alpa Khatri
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Shari May
Development Coordinator for Corporate and Foundation Giving

Emily Pirman, CMP
Director of Corporate Engagement
(818) 960-7400

Kimberly Potter
Director of FOB Operations
(818) 960-7872

Monica Shea
Senior Executive Manager
(818) 960-7500

Kelly South
Director of Handmade with Love Programs
(818) 960-7555

Terry Speer
Shipping & Receiving

Alanna Stuckert
Program Coordinator
(818) 960-7111

Cindy Tamoush
Data Entry Clerk
(818) 960-7874

Katrina Tomas
Volunteer Programs & Engagement Manager
(818) 960-7880

Kristen Vauiso
Military & Family Programs Manager
(818) 960-6815

Wilbur Walker
Warehouse & Facilities Manager
(818) 960-7876

April Wilhelm
Website & IT Assistant

Laura Ybarra
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Amber Myzska
Public Relations & Media Manager

Ruby Sierra
Shipping & Receiving Clerk
(818) 960-7875



Martha “Marty” Martin
Board Chair
Chair, Strategic Planning Comittee

Katelynn Duffel Heil
Chair, Compensation and Personnel Committee
Chair, Finance Committee

Sharman Borncamp
Board Secretary
Chair, Audit Comittee
Chair, Nominating and  Rules Committee

Joe Kristol
Captain, USMC (Veteran)

Jordan Blashek
Captain, USMC (Veteran)

Terry Blankenship

Scott Wuesthoff
Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.)

Angela Brightman Struebing


Admiral Scott Van Buskirk
U.S. Navy, Ret.

Lt. General Mark Hertling
U.S. Army, Ret.

Colonel Rich Anderson
U.S. Marine Corps, Ret.

Lt. Colonel Angel Ortiz
California Army National Guard, Ret.


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