Thank you for making a difference!

Dear Operation Gratitude, My family and I would like to thank you for the support and kindness you showed to us this year! 2019 was rough and we are going through some hard times as a family. I want you to know this was a reminder that people we don’t even know are out there who care about us. It gives me so much hope to hold on for better days ahead! We are Floridians who recently took a short trip North to see snow for the first time! My kids were so thrilled. The box came in just before we left so I brought it along to enjoy along the way. Many of the items inside the box were exactly what we needed to have. It was such a blessing to have lip balm, scarves, and hand warmers! (all stuff I probably wouldn’t have known to be prepared with!) Thank you for being a blessing!  Happy New Year! Thank you for making a difference!  Sincerely, The S Family