I came home to find a really good use for this bracelet.

Dear Operation Gratitude, I graduated boot camp on February 14, 2020 I was given a survival bracelet while leaving my graduation and made it home safely to my family in Texas. I came home to find a really good use for this bracelet. While traveling down Texas highway I noticed a vehicle with a mattress at the tip of a cars roof about to fly away. The driver and passenger are holding the front of the mattress with one hand to stop it from flying away. So I give the driver a sign to pull over and help them tie down the mattress to the car so they won’t have to get into any accident or hurt any other citizen on the road. I unraveled the bracelet to find it was 7 feet long but it still made the job to tie down a twin mattress to a car. I later found this note saying y’all can replace this bracelet when it was used for a good use. I would be so much appreciated to be given another bracelet for any other emergency like that one. It feels good giving back to our fellow citizens to stay safe on  the road and in general. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help people in need. Sincerely Private R.M.G