In July, Operation Gratitude shipped 5,254 Care Packages to U.S. Troops serving around the globe, from Romania and Korea to Afghanistan and Kenya.  What does it mean to these brave men and women to receive not just reminders from home, but also expressions of appreciation from Americans everywhere?  

We’d like to share just a few of the responses we received from those care package recipients, asking us to pass along their thanks to the thousands of Operation Gratitude volunteers who wrote letters of support, collected and donated “Wish List items and helped assemble and ship our care packages.

With the help of volunteers and supporters nationwide, Operation Gratitude is uniquely positioned to help bridge the divide between those who serve and grateful citizens whose freedom they protect. Through hands-on volunteerism Operation Gratitude provides meaningful ways for grateful Americans to say “Thank You” to our nation’s Heroes and to recognize their service and selfless sacrifices. You can too!

To those who contributed to my care package today:

I’m 27 and deployed to Nangahar province, north of the Korengal with members of the *** Combat Team, *** Company. I feel as though I’ve given so little to my countrymen and women in the grand scheme of things and compared to how much others have given, I can hardly consider my time here a service.

It was such a nice surprise! You made my day with your caring and thoughtfulness! I loved the pictures and cards you sent. We have more supplies than we know what to do with now and that’s all thanks to the sacrifices and diligent hard work of each member there. You have given of yourselves to our efforts here and made us a company of wealthy men and women in doing so. Thank you for your commitment to our nation, your service.

We here can say little of our own talents and abilities in waging the fight, but simply must express that ‘we stand on the shoulders of better men and women’ like you back home. Our extended operations would be far less effective if it weren’t for the fervent work of your hands through the long hours and logistical issues. You keep us supplied with even the most thoughtful of items, and things we would be fine going without in the combat arms were selected and remembered. Thank you for your quiet service to us on the front lines. You each have done honorably and faithfully, and in ways we here don’t understand.

Thank you.

With Gratitude,


Operation Gratitude,

Thank you so much for the care package that arrived today.  It is truly heartwarming to know how many people back home care and support us.  My team and I are very fortunate to be granted this opportunity to both serve our country and help the local military in their fight against Al-Shabab. These people are wonderful and this place is pretty awesome. It might sound strange but I love being in the austere environments as I am definitely not a city boy 🙂 This place is a weird combination of first world mixed with third world. You might be in a really nice building that could be in any major city in the USA and then exit the building and see poverty stricken people who are living off less than a $1 a day.  As a medic I love being able to help others, whether that with medicine or by protecting them. I feel that I have found the purpose that God has put me on this earth for. I just hope I can do more to help change the world into a more positive place.

Thank you again for your support

Special Forces Medical Sergeant


Many thanks to the Operation Gratitude Team! We can’t thank you enough for the heartfelt joy and humanity that you’ve brought to all of us as we are so very far away from our family and friends.  

– MSG J​.B.W.


Thank you so much from 3/11 M BTRY! We appreciate all you do for us and the troops across the world. We are loving and enjoying all of the items we received.



Thank you for the care package you sent. I really appreciate everything you guys have done. Thank you again — you have definitely made being over here worth it.

– C.W.


Just wanted to share a few pics to say ‘thank you’ from all of us. The looks on my Troopers’ faces were priceless. Thank you once again to everyone involved. This was a high morale booster.

Respectfully, 1SG P.L.U.


I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely handmade scarf. It’s surprisingly good at keeping the sand out of my face during storms! You guys are amazing!! We’re deployed in SW Asia and packages from people like you make this 100x better!

Respectfully, SrA K​.B., USAF



My name is PFC V. and I am currently in Afghanistan. I just received my first care package and it was from your organization! I want to sincerely express my deepest gratitude for your support. I love peanut butter cookies and those protein bars! Also, i deeply enjoy reading the letters sent from different children! That is absolutely amazing, I am the first of my entire family to join the military. Seeing and reading all the support I have back from the states absolutely makes my time here all the worthwhile. Thank you so much for what you all do. God bless all of you and keep doing everything you do everyday! It made all the difference to me and I know I’m not the only one. I will attempt to respond to all the letters as soon as I can. Thank you again!

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