During this time of distance learning due to COVID-19, students may be wondering how to complete their required service hours for school. Operation Gratitude encourages students everywhere to take advantage of this time at home to give back to our nation’s heroes through #VirtualVolunteerism.

We are pleased to offer the following community service credit for your work in helping us say “Thank You” to all those who serve.

Here are the activities in which you can participate from your own home to earn Community Service Hours from Operation Gratitude. 


Make FIVE Paracord Bracelets = 1 community service hour
Knit or Crochet ONE Scarf/Hat/Amigurumi = 3 community service hours
Sew TWO Cool Ties = 1 community service hour
Sew THREE Drawstring Bags = 1 community service hour
Sew FOUR Fleece Hats = 1 community service hour
Sew TWO Fleece Scarves = 1 community service hour
Sew THREE Fleece Gators = 1 community service hour   

Please note: Purchased items and letter writing do not qualify for Community Service.


See our FAQ below or email us at info@operationgratitude.com.


How can I receive Community Service Credit (“CSC”) for items I have made?

You can only earn community hours once your items have been received at our facility.

  • Please be sure to fill out the online Donor Form and follow the instructions that will be emailed to you, upon completion.
  • Please add the following in your package: 
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • A note requesting Community Service Credit (or school form) – If you are sending items in the same box for multiple participants, please include a note that lists each participant’s name and how many of the items were made/donated by each person. Be sure to include a community service form for each participant.  
  • If your school requires online verification, please use the following email address: volunteer@operationgratitude.com. Once we receive your items, we will be able to complete your online request.  

Please understand that our turnaround time for community service forms can be 2-4 weeks due to transit time.


Where should I ship my donation?

Operation Gratitude
Attn: Community Service Program
9409 Owensmouth Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 960-7878

thank you for your generous support!

Complete donation form


 Please use this guide to order boxes, print postage, and have your box picked up by the post office.