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Your Support Makes All This Possible!

posted on Mar 08 2012 6 Comments

THANK YOU! Your generosity makes it possible for us to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of thousands of:

  • Heroes in harm’s way
  • Wounded Warriors
  • Military Children anxiously waiting at home
  • Military families & Veterans facing financial distress

At least 200,000 U.S. troops are still deployed in harm’s way throughout the world. We continue to send to them our individually addressed care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items, hygiene products, and personal letters of appreciation.

In addition, Operation Gratitude has started several new programs in response to developing needs within the Military Community. Here’s a brief description of these exciting developments:

Troop Care Package Program: Since 2003, we have assembled and shipped over 700,000 packages to deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. This year we plan to send another 75,000+.

Battalion Buddy Program: We have sent over 50,000 cuddly stuffed animal “Battalion Buddy” packages since May, 2011 to the children of deploying service members. We plan to send another 50,000+ in 2012. Word of our Battalion Buddy program has spread rapidly throughout the family readiness community and we have thousands of orders waiting to be filled! (Family Readiness Officers and battalion leaders wishing to request Battalion Buddy packages should send an email to: [email protected].)

Wounded Warrior Program: Our “Purple Heart” Care Packages provide comfort items to troops recovering in Military Hospitals and Wounded Warrior Transition Units.

First Responder Care Kits: Essential supplies are collected, assembled into easily transportable kits and provided to emergency response teams deploying into crisis situations.

Military Family Care Packages: Basic necessities, including food, toiletries, household products, blankets and clothing are given to Military families and veterans facing financial hardships and homelessness due to unemployment.

Concerts that Care & Hiring Fairs: We are producing free comedy and music concerts for troops and their families plus opportunities to connect with potential employers on Military bases around the country.

We rely on the generosity of the American people to continue these efforts in support of heroic troops, veterans, wounded warriors, first responders and military families. Please consider ways you can be involved by making a financial or product donation or by joining us at the armory and volunteering your time. (Live out of the Los Angeles area and can’t volunteer in person? There are many ways to be involved from ANYWHERE in the country. Find ideas here: Take Your Pick!)

Find more information at our website: Operation Gratitude or send questions to [email protected].

Once again: THANK YOU for your support!


  1. susie

    posted @ 03.22.2012

    Wow! Continued to be more and more impressed by Operation Gratitude and all the support projects you are involved in. You are a big blessing to military members and their families. Grateful for all YOU do. Glad to be “knitter” of hats and scarves for the winter care packages.

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  3. Horace Henley

    posted @ 03.13.2012

    To all those who serve in the military. We thank you. Job well done.

  4. ssgt leslie

    posted @ 03.11.2012

    may you all continue to be successful in all of your endeavors, bringing a little bit of home to our military personnel..thank you from a grateful combat soldier….

  5. ndjmom

    posted @ 03.8.2012

    Thank you for what you do to serve our service men and women. As a Mom of two Marines it gives me chills to know that so many care, regardless of what the media portrays.

  6. vahomeloaninfo

    posted @ 03.8.2012

    Thanks for your continued support for our veterans…I remember being in Iraq and recieving care packages from a Church in Illinois…They truly do make a difference, especially because they have items from “Home”

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