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So very {p}interesting, don’t you think?

posted on Mar 04 2012 1 Comment

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? For the uninitiated, it’s a “pinboard-styled social photo sharing website.” We are having fun figuring it all out, learning as we go. When you have a moment, please check out our pinboards and tell us what you think: http://pinterest.com/opgratitude 

You do not need to join Pinterest to enjoy the photos that are “pinned” there, but if you want more information about the site, we recommend the “Pinning 101” tutorial as a place to start:  

We are finding many wonderful resources and military support information on Pinterest that we look forward to passing along!

Something else that’s new — following the lead of the U.S. Military, on February 28 we took the plunge with Facebook’s new Timeline format. Visit our Facebook page here — Operation Gratitude — and please let us know what you think!

As always, we THANK YOU for your support!

One Comment

  1. ssgt leslie

    posted @ 03.5.2012

    great site, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures.

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