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Mail Call: Do the Troops Really Say That?

posted on Jan 10 2012 3 Comments

Do you ever take time to visit the Operation Gratitude website and read the troop letters and emails we post in our Mail Call section? When you do, you’ll find heartfelt and emotional letters like this one — explaining that our packages provide much more than just fun and delicious items…they provide peace of mind:

Dear Operation Gratitude,

Four days ago a lot of the Marines here in my platoon got your packages. We get a lot of packages from different organizations but these have been given an honor only bestowed by Infantry Marines. When one of us receives a package another Marine will usually say:

Is that an Operation Gratitude one? Those are bad**s.” 

It’s not much, but from a grunt there is no higher praise for something.

To me these packages mean much more because I was once a volunteer at this organization. I would walk the lines with packages and stack them on the pallets.

Now being on the receiving end it’s not only the gifts that mean something to me. Every once in a while we get the chance to use the internet and go on Facebook. When I went on, I saw my family packing packages with all of my friends and extended family. Life is hard enough over here for all of us because we’ve lost some good friends. Some of those friends made the ultimate sacrifice and it has hit us all very hard in the past month. On top of this, thinking about your parents and wondering how they’re doing never helps but sometimes you can’t help go there.

When I saw my family surrounded by smiling Operation Gratitude volunteers helping pack a special package for me, I felt as if a weight was lifted off my chest.

To me, Operation Gratitude is more than just packages but it’s also hope. Hope for the people we leave back home who worry about us. The people who are left in the dark while we’re out here and the people who are always on our minds. It gives them a way to communicate to us and say that they’re still here for us. To me that just holds so much more than the other packages I get. For that I thank you.

Thank you Operation Gratitude for what you have done not only for us, but what you have done for everyone who has family and friends in harm’s way.

From, T.M., USMC

Once again, the troops say it best: THANK YOU to all who help Operation Gratitude bring hope and encouragement to our Heroes serving in harm’s way and to their loved ones at home.

Remember: Every donation of $15 pays the shipping and assembly costs to send another care package. Please consider setting up a “Recurring Donation” so you will know you are  providing hope to our Military all year long: Donate Now.  In the “Donation Information” section, click on “Recurring” as the donation type and then select the frequency (eg. once a month).

Now, you can send one or more care packages every month of the year — providing that “peace of mind” and certain smiles to heroes like T.M. and his comrades.  Donate Now

Thank you for your support!


  1. sammam541

    posted @ 01.10.2012

    We love what you do to keep the troops and those of us on the homefront connected!

  2. LADIES OF GRACE c/o Colleen Morelli

    posted @ 01.10.2012

    We love you all, support your efforts, sacrifices, and love for your country. If we could do more we gladly would. We’re a small church with a big heart. What we send is sent with a lot of gratitude.

  3. Diana Leal

    posted @ 01.10.2012

    We love you!

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