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Email from an “Annoyed” Army First Sergeant…

posted on Dec 28 2011 6 Comments

Our care packages certainly aren’t meant to annoy the recipients, but somehow we managed to do just that recently:

I am writing this a week before Christmas, from ‘an undisclosed location in southwest Asia’. As I’m writing this, I am a bit annoyed at your organization. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep up the façade of a tough old Army First Sergeant with tears streaming down your face?

When I arrived on duty this morning, I was greeted by a package on my desk from Operation Gratitude. I am happy to say this package was not the first of this type that my Soldiers and I have received over the past few months. Each time, I am TOTALLY overwhelmed at the support shown to us, complete strangers, by various individuals and groups of individuals, also complete strangers. If ever there is doubt where the true beauty and strength of our country lies, it’s in men and women such as those comprising your organization, who readily and unselfishly give of themselves to help others. 

I opened the package, more out of curiosity than out of need for the items contained therein. On top, I found a stack of cards and notes and your magazine. As I started reading the notes…I simply cannot describe the feelings. I was completely overwhelmed at the  expressions of support, appreciation and well-wishes. The cards and notes from children and young people were especially touching as I realize they represent future generations of Americans…and realize they are being raised to recognize, understand, and appreciate important concepts such as sacrifice, courage and honor.

As I read your letter in the beginning of the magazine, I was deeply touched that you not only felt the initial compassion when you encountered that Soldier returning to the ‘war zone’… but that you invested the time, expense, interest, dedication, passion and personal and family sacrifice to do something about it…and something that was/is so meaningful to so many.

I think perhaps the most touching thing of all is to see the pictures of the volunteers of your organization…people from all walks of life…multiple generations…united by a love for our country and a dedication to purpose. Trust me when I say, the feelings are indescribable.

Thank you so much for your dedication. A BIG THANK YOU to your people and your organization for all of the hope and renewed faith you distribute with your packages. The physical items contained in the packages are much appreciated, but the tremendous intangibles contained within are priceless. I truly hope and pray that our Lord will bless each and every one of you during this holiday season…May each of you experience an extra measure of peace and joy during this festive time, knowing the smiles that you have spread to the most remote and unsettled of regions.

With warmest regards this holiday season,

Thank YOU, 1SG H., and all who serve alongside you! We are honored to be able to support you by sending care packages filled with goodies, letters, thanks and love from home!

And to those of you on the Home Front who have made this all possible — the volunteers, donors, knitters, letter writers, recyclers, collectors and supporters — our deepest thanks to each and every one of you. We could go on and on singing your praises and expressing our gratitude to you…but we feel “Annoyed Army First Sergeant” says it best, so we say: “Ditto that!”

All our best wishes for a very blessed, healthy and peaceful New Year to one and all! We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2012!

The Operation Gratitude Team

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  1. ssgt leslie

    posted @ 01.27.2012

    great email from the first sgt. i can relate to what the 1sgt, as a retired army ssg, with duty in afghanistan, our jr enlisted look up to us as leaders and mentors. thanks to everyone at opgrat for all you do. may you continue to be successfull in all of your endeavors.

  2. tshang

    posted @ 01.6.2012

    Very touching. Thank you for sharing. I am going to add your site to our blogroll and to our resources page when the new site is up. Thank you for all that you do for our heroes.

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  5. Shirley Andrews

    posted @ 12.29.2011

    This letter brought tears to my eyes. These men and women are so great that I cannot express how good it is to know that it is because of them and the many that came before them that we can enjoy the freedom we have in our country. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU IN UNIFORM

  6. blogsense-by-barb

    posted @ 12.28.2011

    Reblogged this on blogsense-by-barb and commented:
    Showing gratitude to those in service to our nation.

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