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Design a Patriotic T-shirt — Win $500 from Goodjoe.com!

posted on Aug 14 2011 8 Comments

UPDATE — 8/23/11: The submission deadline has now been extended to Friday, 9/2.  Voting will take place 9/5 – 9/11.

Goodjoe is a “community-based t-shirt company with a passion for doing good.” Elevation Nation is an internet-based network with a mission to unite Americans “in the satisfaction that comes from a life-long commitment to worthy charities and social issues.” Now these two companies are partnering with Operation Gratitude for a fun, new contest to benefit our very patriotic cause.  The contest — Design for a Greater Good — is open to creative people of all ages!

Are you up for the challenge? Here’s what you need to know:

The contest theme is “Patriotism”.  A simple word…yet to those of us who love this country, its meaning is quite profound.

You have until September 2, 2011 to submit your t-shirt designs to the Goodjoe website. The top three designs will be selected by Operation Gratitude judges. Visitors to Goodjoe.com will have the opportunity to view and vote for their favorite from September 5 through September 11, 2011.

The design that receives the most votes will win a $500 cash prize from Goodjoe, plus a 6% royalty from future sales of the t-shirt!

For Goodjoe co-founder Nathan Pham, a love of t-shirts and a desire to support worthy charities inspired him to create a place for artists to design “awesome shirts for cool causes.”

“Here at Goodjoe, we believe great organizations like Operation Gratitude can benefit from cool t-shirts,” Pham said, adding, “And it’s very fun!”

Goodjoe will generously donate 40% of profits from the winning t-shirt sales back to support the troops. Operation Gratitude founder Carolyn Blashek couldn’t be more pleased, and said, “Truly, this is a win-win-win deal — for the t-shirt designer, for Operation Gratitude, and for the troops!”

Carolyn credits Elevation Nation co-founder Josh Gottsegen with bringing Goodjoe and Operation Gratitude together. “We’re very thankful for Josh’s support,” she said. “We’re excited about being a part of EN and working together more in the future.”

Gottsegen echoed those feelings. “All of us at Elevation Nation are very pleased with this initial program with Operation Gratitude and Goodjoe,” said Josh. “We look forward to many more innovative opportunities that our technology team will be bringing to the table.”

To enter the contest, Goodjoe’s Standard Design Guidelines apply — visit their website for more information and please use their Contact Form for any specific questions about submitting your design.

Have fun…and GOOD LUCK!

Note: Operation Gratitude is a member of Elevation Nation’s Network. To learn more about EN’s effort to promote involvement with charities, non-profits and other philanthropies with the intent to educate, entertain and empower using new technologies in social media, please visit their website: http://elevationnation.com/


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  2. Dan Brusstar

    posted @ 08.24.2011

    The guidelines request only 6 colors, one on each layer… This is not a problem, but just to clarify, is this shirt to be screen printed? I ask to know because if it is then i’m guessing the designed layers should not overlap, OR have a lowered opacity…

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 08.24.2011

      Dan, your best bet is to ask the good people at Goodjoe.com that question:


      They’ll be able to give you all the info you need!

    • Dan Brusstar

      posted @ 08.26.2011

      One other question: Are we to design a shirt for “Patriotism”? Or is it to be a patriotic shirt for Operation Gratitude? I want to be sure not to leave out the title “Operation Gratitude” if it is indeed a shirt for this awesome organization…

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 08.26.2011

      The theme is Patriotism, but feel free to incorporate Operation Gratitude in there too, if you’d like. Or our website — http://www.OperationGratitude.com — that’s another option!

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  4. seraphine

    posted @ 08.16.2011

    Question: why did your org choose to open this design time for only 2 weeks? and why not something like at least a month so that those of us with “regular” jobs and families would have quality time to devote to this…

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 08.16.2011

      Seraphine, Operation Gratitude didn’t have input regarding the length of the design time for this contest — it was a decision made by Goodjoe. We hope to work with Goodjoe again in the future, so we’ll be sure to pass along your comment and concerns regarding needing more time to participate. Thank you!

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