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Breaking: Update on Marine Needing Kidney

posted on Aug 08 2011 10 Comments

Thursday, 8/11/11 – More news: Jake continues to recover well from the surgery. Today the name of Jake’s kidney donor — a Marine,  2nd Lt. Patrick Wayland, of Midland, Texas — was made public, along with information regarding the circumstances of his death. One life lives on in another — please pray for this young man’s family and read the full story here: MILITARY: San Marcos Marine receives gift of life from late comrade

Monday, 8/8/11 – We are thrilled to report today that Sgt. Jake Chadwick received a transplanted kidney Sunday afternoon at the UCSD Medical Center in San Diego. The initial report following surgery was that the procedure was successful and that the transplanted kidney started to function immediately! This is wonderful news for Jake, his family and all his loved ones and supporters. While Jake still has a way to go towards full recovery, we hope that he will get out of bed and take his first steps down that road as early as today. Prior to surgery, Jake was in high spirits and very much looking forward to returning to a healthy life. There can be no doubt that with his dedication to his family, with his wife’s love and dedication to him and with the loving hand of God, Jake is now on his way towards that goal!

Due to confidentiality policies, there is little known about the donor. What we do know is that the donor was a 24-year-old member of the Armed Forces who passed away due to non-combat related issues. We do not know the name of this person or the branch of service in which he served. We do know that several of his organs were donated to save the lives of many others. This hero continues to serve, even in death, so that others may live. While we do not know this soul by name, we can honor his memory by keeping him and his family in our prayers, and thanking them for their selfless consideration of others during a very difficult time.

The Chadwicks hope to one day meet the family of this hero, and express their gratitude for the gift of life given to Jake. They would also like to express their gratitude to the many people who helped raise awareness of Jake’s need. We believe the donor’s family learned about Jake’s situation through the myriad e-mails, phone-calls, tweets, blog and Facebook posts that all of you promoted through social media. Your efforts brought Jake’s need to the donor family’s attention, and with that knowledge, the parents specifically requested that Jake receive their son’s kidney. For all of you who helped in any way, thank you, thank you, thank you!

There is so much more to be said, but sometimes emotions can be overwhelming. This is one such moment. Please keep the Chadwicks in your prayers, as well as the donor and his family as they all endeavor to travel their respective paths. May God bless them all.

Please visit the National Kidney Foundation for more information about transplantation and living donors.

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  1. Parker

    posted @ 08.20.2011

    AMEN! 🙂

  2. Jeff Kraus

    posted @ 08.12.2011

    Wonderful news for the Chadwick family & heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased Marine – part of him lives on!

  3. Tommy Reuter

    posted @ 08.12.2011

    America is grateful for 2Lt Patrick Wayland’s life, service to our country, and ultimately his generous giif of live to six fellow Armed Forces members. May he rest in peace, and may God comfort those who grieve his loss.

    Tommy & Mindy Reuter

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  5. Jerome Burg

    posted @ 08.12.2011

    Great news! May the donor RIP, he will never be forgotten!

  6. Carrieann

    posted @ 08.11.2011

    Dear Sgt Chadwick — Wishing you all the best! The unknown donor is a true hero! May his family be blessed in knowing how much they have helped so many others! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  7. Jack Benton

    posted @ 08.11.2011

    Fantastic News! So Happy for him!!!

  8. Dan Goodfield

    posted @ 08.10.2011

    Back in March I posted that 2011 would be your year. I’m so happy it came true, God speed to all
    the people who made my wish come true!
    Dan G

  9. Barbara Chadwick

    posted @ 08.9.2011

    Beautifully said….

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