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Take Your Pick — A Variety of Ways to Help Put a Smile on Every Service Member’s Face!

posted on Jul 26 2011 13 Comments

We hear from people all across the country who want to join in to support deployed service members and our patriotic cause — but because they live far from our Los Angeles-area location, they think they can’t. Not true! There are many, many ways to take part!

For starters, check out these flyers for great ideas:

Ten Easy Ways to Support the Troops

Letter Writing and Letter Writing for Teachers

Handmade With Love: Scarves, Hats and Cool-Ties

Girl Scouts: Troops to Troops

Cell Phone Recycling

Donate Your Car

How To Organize a Collection Drive

Battalion Buddy Donations

You are welcome to reproduce and use the flyers — if you make any changes, please first email a copy to [email protected] to get approval before making multiple copies.

And don’t forget: The Great Ideas page on our website is updated frequently with new promotions — check back often to stay up-to-date!

Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, watch our inspirational YouTube channel videos, join our Mailing List, make an online financial Donation and — most importantly — please tell your family and friends about what we do! We cannot continue our efforts without YOUR help!

Thank you!


  1. Colleen Morelli

    posted @ 03.10.2012

    We are a small group of people at a little Church, called Temple City Grace Baptist Church, in Temple City, California 91780. Though we’re small in number, our church has a very big heart, and everyone receives a real blessing when they supply items to be sent to our troops. We pray for all of you every day, and we’ll be sending some scarves soon. Ladies of Grace are busy making them right now. Plus we’ll be sending more goodie boxes. We need to know if you still need the crocheted helmet liners that look kind of like a ski mask. Our ladies are making those too. They were big in Afghanistan, they reall y appreciated them, and they were made to code. Stay warm, and we’ll see ya soon! Colleen

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 03.10.2012

      The helmet liners are wonderful, Colleen, and we’d love to include them in our care packages. Thank you very much!

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  3. Bob Chester

    posted @ 11.9.2011

    Semper Fi, Gung Ho, Stay Warm & Dry!

  4. Becky

    posted @ 09.15.2011

    Operation Gratitude- Thank you for all you do for the men and women who serve overseas and in our own country! I look forward to dropping off many boxes filled with Halloween candy from my students. When I tell the class to bring in candy for the troops, they get very excited and fill the boxes full!!
    Becky G.

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 09.15.2011

      Thank you for your support, Becky — and thank you for involving your students, too!


    posted @ 09.8.2011

    I live in a nursing home and we write letters, make cards, drawings..I was very proud to finds this, we keep on writing ..the bottom line is that THEY OUR HEROES!

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 09.9.2011

      Scott, thank you for your comment! We are grateful to you all for writing letters and making cards for the troops! We appreciate it so much and know that the service members who receive your kind words will appreciate it, too! THANK YOU!

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  7. blogsense-by-barb

    posted @ 08.1.2011

    Ha! So glad to find you. It’s been a while since I checked your website, but I went today & found you here! Who knew!!! I’m a vet and my daughter serves on active duty now – so I appreciate all you do for all our service members!

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 09.9.2011

      Barb — belated thanks for your comment! We are grateful to you and to your daughter for your service to our country! Ane we appreciate your support of our cause! THANK YOU!!

  8. Carol Dial

    posted @ 07.26.2011

    My son received the Operation Gratitude care package I ordered for him last week, and it got there amazingly fast. I thank you sincerely for all that your organization does for our service members, and he sends his thanks as well! 🙂

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 07.26.2011

      Thank you, Carol, for letting us know your son received his care package, and for passing along his thanks. We are grateful to him for his service, and to you for your vital role in supporting him!

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