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NY Brownie Troop Creates Special Thank You Cards

posted on Mar 05 2011 0 Comments

By:   Kelly Martinsen, Brownie Card Project Leader & Guest Blogger

Long Beach, New York Brownie Troop 2166 got together and made cards for the troops who are serving overseas.  These cards expressed the girl’s thanks and praise.  Along with those cards the girls decided to include boxes of their world famous cookies for the heroes who received their cards.

This effort started as a simple gratitude project to recognize the sacrifices that one person can make for the good of so many.   But it turned into a beautiful sharing and learning experience as well when each girl shared their card with one another.

One little girl said, “You know my grandpa was a soldier in Korea”.
“So was mine”, another girl quickly responded, adding that “he doesn’t really speak about it much”.   “My uncle has medals—lots of them!”
“My mom’s friend is in Afghanistan but she is coming home after Christmas.”
And so on.

After each girl spoke of their personal stories,  they all took a moment to talk about wars of the past and the current unrest in the various regions where our troops are deployed and the hardships they may be facing.   It was a terrific learning experience for these girls.

History, bravery, thankfulness, selflessness and love of one’s country were taught on that day utilizing just one phrase, “United States Service Member.”

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