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Get Out The Vote for Operation Gratitude & Operation Homefront!

posted on Oct 01 2010 0 Comments

Two great Military Support non-profits have joined forces in the Pepsi Refresh Project to win a total of $300,000!

Winners are determined solely on final vote count.  Our key to winning is consistent, daily voting by all our supporters.  To help you help us,  we’d love to share a friendly daily reminder to vote. Send your daily reminder request to [email protected]. If we are winners at the end of October, members of the daily vote reminder list will be entered to win an iPad and other great prizes!

Voting on the two joint proposals ($250,000 and $50,000 categories) is open every day through the month of October.  For a step by step, illustrated explanation of the voting process, check out our Voting Guide: http://operationhomefront.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/pepsi-vote-guide.pdf

Supporters are encouraged to vote each of three different ways daily:
1. For the Operation Homefront/Operation Gratitude applications in the $250,000 and $50,000 categories on RefreshEverything.com,

2. Through the Pepsi Refresh Facebook application or by signing in to the Pepsi Refresh site using your Facebook Account; and

3.Via text message:
Text: 103268 to 73744 for the $250K and
Text: 103144
to 73774 for the $50K
Tip:  73774 spells PEPSI!!

Please spread the word to your friends, and stay updated on our challenge by visiting www.OperationHomefront.net and www.OperationGratitude.com.

This unique partnership sends a strong message to our Military that our nation is united in support of our brave men and women in uniform and their loved ones. Help us thank them. VOTE DAILY!


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