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“Thanks-a-Bunch” Providing Free Video Email to Troops

posted on Jul 30 2010 0 Comments

From our friends at the great organization: Thanks-a-Bunch:

“We are happy to announce that in addition to our $50.00 Thanks-A-Bunch restaurant gift cards, our troops can now receive unlimited free video email.  We’re thanking our new sponsor Go Energy for making this possible. The technology is in place and we’re all about getting web cams sent to the troops.  Operation Gratitude has agreed to distribute webcams to the troops for us.

Go Energy created a special campaign  for our troops and disabled veterans that launches July 30th.     Go Energy will donate $1.00 to Thanks-A-Bunch for every person who clicks on the following link. The link takes you to our Cause site with Go Energy.  There’s a short video about why Go Energy is supporting our troops through Thanks-A-Bunch.

There is absolutely nothing to purchase.  Just answer one question and confirm and Go Energy will donate $1.00 on your behalf.

It may not sound like much but when you consider how many friends and friends of friends that could participate it can add up very quickly.  Funds received will go towards a lot of gift cards for our troops, wounded warriors, and disabled vets and a lot of webcams for troops deployed in combat areas to take full advantage of our new video email service.

So if you belong to social media outlets like  Facebook and Twitter, or just have a lot of email contacts, please click on the link for us and spread the word.  Go Energy has made a substantial pledge if we can get enough people who support America’s Heroes up to the Cause site.  Here’s the link:

Thank you and God Bless.”
Best regards,
Bob Sofsky
(888) 684-8412
[email protected]

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