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“I Had Given Up….”

posted on Jul 20 2010 0 Comments

This is why we do what we do… 

“I just want to take the time to THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO! The care package was amazing. Today was the best day I’ve had since I left port. Today also was the only day I’ve ever thought about giving up on my career, until I got this amazing package in the mail…the only package I have received. I opened it not sure of what I would find and was shocked at how nice you guys are for doing this for me and other troops. Thank you so much for what you do and just know that you help ALL of us so much! This was a dream come true — thank you! You are amazing people — keep doing what you do! BMSN A.S.” 

If you would like to support Operation Gratitude’s care package program, please visit How You Can Help on our website, and then pass this message along to everyone you know. 

Sailors Receive Operation Gratitude Care Packages

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