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Preserve, Protect & Defend

posted on Mar 03 2008 0 Comments


James Dicks Magazine, February, 2008 by Jack Lott

One of the special moments that help to break up the daily routine for military forces assigned in far away places is the excitement of receiving a care package from home.  Just like when you first went away to college, a care package could turn an ordinary day into a day to remember…

At the age of 19, I was assigned with the U.S. Air Force in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Conflict and actually received a care package from a VFW group in the Midwest.  It was greatly appreciated and brought us all a bit closer to the home we missed.  Sadly, the only time we ever received anything like this was during the holidays.  So, today’s military members who receive an Operation Gratitude package from home “just because” actually have their daily routines turned into very special events.  That’s extremely important for these young military members going through this current difficult period in their lives.  Blashek said, “I want it to be Christmas all year round for our troops.  What could be better?

To read the entire article:  Preserve, Protect & Defend pages 18-21.


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