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Patriotic Drive 2006 Friends and Sponsors

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These businesses have generously donated their products or services to our Patriotic Drive.

Operation Gratitude thanks them for their kindness and support.

*Ad-Hatters, Inc. (www.littlehats.com ) – Air Fresheners

*Alacercorp (www.alacercorp.com)- Emer’gen C

Argent Mortgage Company (www.argentmortgage.com ) – Disposable Cameras

*Avanti Press, Inc. (www.avantipress.com ) –Greeting Cards

*Avery Dennison (www.avery.com ) – Mailing Labels

*Axiom Label Group (www.axiomlabel.com ) – Operation Gratitude Labels

*Beer Nuts, Inc. (www.beernuts.com) – Beer Nuts

*Bongo Entertainment –Comic Books

Break Media (www.break.com ) – DVDs

Buffalo Guys (www.thebuffaloguys.com ) – Beef Jerky

Carmex (www.carma-labs.com ) – Lip Balm

Cattaneo Brothers (www.cattaneobros.com ) – Beef Jerky

The Cavanagh Entertainment Group ([email protected] ) – Video Services

*Champion Nutrition (www.champion-nutrition.com/champion ) –Energy Bars

*Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. (www.checkers.com ) – Publicity, Collection Sites and Funding

ClearView Printing ([email protected]) Printing and copying

Coca-Cola Company (www.coke.com ) – Fruit Snacks

Compendium Incorporated (www.live-inspired.com ) – Greeting Cards

*Covey Run Wines (www.cwine.com) –Publicity and Shipping Expenses

DaySpring Cards (www.dayspring.com ) –Greeting Cards

DHL (www.dhl.com) – Shipping from Checkers/Rallys Restaurants

El Cortez Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas (www.elcortezhotelcasino.com ) –Room Package

*EZ Scores (www.ezscores.com ) – Sports Scores Phone Cards

*Fortune Fashion Industries, Inc. – T-Shirts

*Frito Lay (www.fritolay.com) – Go Snacks

Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (www.tvguide.com ) –Assorted Items

Girl Scout Councils – Girl Scout Cookies

H & H Foods, Inc. (www.hnhbrands.com )Cappuccino&Salsa (Email: [email protected] for military discounts)

*Hershey Company, The ( www.hersheys.com ) – Ice Breakers Sours

*House of Batteries (www.houseofbatteries.com) — Batteries

Image Entertainment (www.image-entertainment.com) –DVDs

*Jeep/Daimler-Chrysler (www.jeep.com) –Collection Sites

Kingston Technology Co., Inc. (www.kingston.com ) – Flash Drives

Larry Elder (www.larryelder.com) – Publicity

*Listerine (www.pfizerch.com ) – Listerine Pocket Paks

*Lubriderm (www.pfizerch.com ) – Hand and Body Lotion

Lucianne.com (www.lucianne.com) – Publicity

MACtac (www.MACtac.com ) – Operation Gratitude Labels

Mark Levin Show (www.marklevinfan.com ) – Publicity

*Master Foods USA (www.masterfoods.com) – Candy

*Military Money Magazine (www.militarymoney.com ) – Magazines

*Minuteman Pens (www.minutemanpens.com ) — Pens

NASCAR (www.nascar.com ) – Publicity and Assorted Items

*NetZeroVoice (www.netzerovoice.com/mil ) – Headsets and Water Bottles

*Newman’s Own (newmansown.com) — Popcorn

Nutra Fig Cheetah Bar (www.nutrafig.com ) – Energy Bars

o2-Cool (www.o2-cool.com ) — Fans

*On-Line Administrators, Inc. ( www.onlineadm.com ) –Cards and Printing

*Paramount Farms/Sunkist Pistachios (www.paramountfarms.com ) –Pistachio Nuts

Pfizer Consumer Health Care (www.pfizerch.com ) – Personal Care Products

*Prescriptive Music (www.RXmusicCD.com ) — CDs

Pure Records (www.purerecords.com ) – CDs

Rock Star Energy Drink (www.rockstarsales.com ) –Energy Drinks

*San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee (sfbaycoffee.com) –Coffee

*Schering-Plough/Coppertone/Dr. Scholls (www.sgp.com) – Sunscreen/ Foot Powder

See’s Candy (www.sees.com ) – Gourmet Lollipops

Seminole Hard Rock Casino (www.seminolehardrock.com) –Assorted Items

Suter Company (www.suterco.com ) –Salad Kits

*Tide Racing (www.tideracing.com ) – Tide Detergent

*Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. (www.tootsie.com ) – Tootsie Rolls

*Turner Road Winery (www.cwine.com ) –Publicity and Shipping Expenses

Ventura Distribution (www.venturadistribution.com ) — DVDs

* Indicates Corporate Sponsors (donations of $10,000/10,000 items or more)

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