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History students give back to community

posted on Oct 07 2005 0 Comments


History students give back to community

This story appeared in the Antelope Valley Press on Friday, October 7, 2005.

Valley Press Staff Writer

LANCASTER – History teacher Jamie Goodreau tries to teach her students to give back to their communities. Sometimes, the lesson comes easily.

For the past two years, her students and others at Lancaster High School have organized “Pride of the Nation,” a salute to the United States Armed Forces. The event is a dinner-dance in the hangar of Air Force Plant 42 and costs about $40,000 to put on. Students raise funds and find sponsors, then run the event.

“Democracy really calls for participation, not bystanders,” Goodreau often tells her students.

After the event in May, the students had $4,500 left over. They decided to give the money to three charities that benefit troops, their families and veterans.

Students voted to give $2,500 to Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; $1,500 to the Lancaster Veterans Home committee; and $500 to Dog Tags for Kids.

“We’ve had veterans of Iraq come into the classroom and say they received care packages” from Operation Gratitude, Goodreau said. “That was a big motivator.”

Last year, the students gave $1,100 to Operation Gratitude and $200 to Dog Tags for Kids.


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