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SOS: Support Our Soldiers <br> Operation Gratitude: Sending Care Packages To U.S

posted on Sep 29 2003 0 Comments

<a href=http://toogoodreports.com/column/reader/holley/20030929.htm#holley target=”blank”>Kathryn Holley</a>
It’s the thought that counts.

Never does that old adage hold more power than when you find yourself alone on foreign soil, fighting for your life and hearing rumors that your country no longer supports you.

“When troops are out in remote places, they don’t have access to news on a regular basis and rumors abound,” says retired Army National Guard Brig. Gen. Michael R. S. Teilman, who now heads the Bob Hope Hollywood USO. “They hear about protest marches, the president getting lambasted, and they don’t know if there is going to be a backlash when they get home, like there was after Vietnam.”

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