It’s not just… Halloween Candy

All too often, I’ve heard people who have never volunteered with Operation Gratitude say that we “just send care packages.” As the CEO, it is my job to change that perception by demonstrating and communicating the true impact we make as an organization, so they ultimately join our movement, too.

Weekly Briefing: A Year Ago Today

Thank You For Your Service. Those five simple words were the start of a conversation that led to a meaningful connection, which created better understanding and built bridges between civilians and those who serve our nation. Learn what Operation Gratitude did a year ago today and what it means for the future of our organization and the communities we serve.

We Believe

Despite COVID-19 and widening divides in communities across the county, the renewed commitment of our volunteers, supporters, and partners has strengthened our resolve; and affirmed our beliefs. We recognize that Operation Gratitude has a responsibility to be part of a solution that unites our nation and builds bridges.

20 Years at War and Our Renewed Commitment

Thirty years ago this past Sunday, the Gulf War started. I had just reported to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina as a young Second Lieutenant. Four months later, my Artillery Battalion would deploy at the tail end of Desert Shield — in plenty of time to prepare our unit and our Marines for Operation Desert Storm. I can’t believe it was three decades ago.