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You brighten my day

The packages have been flooding in. Hope you have received some feed back. It really does mean alot to the soldiers and I appreciate so much your endless energy in letting us all know that we are thought of back home. You brighten my day simply by seeing these soldiers with one of your packages and a big smile on their face. God bless you. CPT V.J.

You made a big impression on at least 670 soldiers and several Iraqi kids

The packages are rolling in and they are a tremendous hit. Everyone has truly enjoyed them and they came just before the 4TH and added much to our celebration. We don't get to wear civilian cloths at all but the commander made an exception for the 4TH. There were a lot of people wearing the T-Shirts and hats from the packages. Please pass along to all concerned that you made a big impression on at least 670 soldiers here in Iraq and several Iraqi children that the packages were shared with. Thanks again. CSM R.G.

You are making a differece.

Operation Gratitude: Thank you for caring. Our soldiers truly appreciate receiving packages in the mail. Not too many things can bring a smile to their faces in this environment, but a package does. You are making a differece. Sincerely, CPT P.G.

It really touches me and in hard times rekindles my faith in my fellow Americans

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and considerations. I know this came from so many fellow Americans that are truly concerned about the American Soldier, no matter where he or she is. This is honestly heart-felt when I say thank you in so many ways. It really touches me and in hard times rekindles my faith in my fellow Americans, but also mankind. If you would, I'd like you to express my thanks on behalf of myself and fellow soldiers. My duty here is only the price I have to pay for our freedoms; sometimes we take for granted. God Bless America! My duty here seems insignificant as to what any of my predecessors endured. Again, thank you and please relay my thanks to all the Americans involved in this package, which I humbly accept. Sincerely, SSG H.M.

Thank you for thinking of us. Happy Fourth of July!

Last week I received a package from Operation Gratitude in the mail.  I wanted to write a note of thanks.  I'm sure it was expensive and time consuming to put together such a large number of care packages.  They are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for thinking of us.  Happy Fourth of July! Thank you, 1LT J.S.

We are proud and blessed to have people like you

Thank you! for the care package. Thank you for taking time out to serve the men and women that are fighting for your freedom.  We are proud and blessed to have people like you. Keep up the good work. J.C.

It is organizations like yours that make a difference in the life of a soldier

Hello, I am from the Army National Guard, presently serving in Iraq. I received a package yesterday from Operation Gratitude and I wanted to email you and  say thank you.  It is people and organizations like you that make a difference in the life of a soldier who is far far from home. I know what it like to be overseas away from family and friends having served in Vietnam for a year. It so good to know that you have friends back home that are thinking about you.Most of the soldiers in my platoon have recieved a package from you and I know that they also appreciate it.May God richly bless all the people and businesses that make all this possible. Happy 4th of July and God bless the USA. SFC M.D.

It is nice to know that America cares.

I want to thank you for all your support. The packages always bring a smile to our face. It is nice to know that America cares. Once again thank you for all of your love and support. May god bless you.  SPC D.K.

Thanks for what you do for us over here. It really makes a difference.

I recently received one of your Operation Gratitude packages, and I just wanted to thank you for your generosity.  Many of the items have been very helpful, such as the beef jerky and the sunscreen.  Many other items were just fun – like the CDs.  At any rate, thanks for what you do for us over here.  It really makes a difference.Respectfully, M.B.

Your package made my fourth of July weekend!

Thank You! It was quite fitting that I received your package yesterday, (1 day ahead of you all) but it made my fourth of July weekend.  All of the items are greatly needed and are a nice comfort from home. What I cannot use I am sure someone here can make use of it.  I also requested another package for one other of my troops who could surely use the morale boost.  Thank you once again and God Bless America, and all your staff.

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