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Troops 2 Troops: Girl Scout Cookie Time!

posted on Jan 16 2011 3 Comments

What other “sweet” is as American as apple pie?

Girl Scout Cookies of course! 

In most parts of the country, this is Girl Scout Cookie Sales season.  We are proud to partner with Girl Scout troops and councils nation-wide in their “Gift of Caring” program: Girls collect donations of cookies from their customers,  and send the cookies to Operation Gratitude.   We then include at least one box of Girl Scout cookies in every one of our 100,000 care packages each year!

Our heroes in harm’s way love receiving Girl Scout Cookies: Not only are they a delicious treat, but they also bring a wonderful reminder of home.

So when you see your local Girl Scouts selling in front of the market, or when the Cookie Order Form circulates through your office, be sure to buy a few extra boxes of Caramel Delites, or Samoas  (sorry, we cannot send Thin Mints–the chocolate melts in the desert heat).  Ask the Troop if they send them to Operation Gratitude.  If not,  you can send them directly to usYou can even add a personal note on each box of cookies–a 2″ x 4″ mailing label works great.

Girl Scout Troops and Leaders:  Click here for more information on setting up your Troops to Troops program. Check out our Troops to Troops flyer here.

Questions? Please email us: [email protected].

Thank you for supporting ALL our troops!


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  2. Lisa Verret

    posted @ 04.19.2011

    Though Operation Graditude has ended our Daisy troop decided to send GS Cookies to our church’s Military overseas. Is there a cost effective way to mail these boxes to our servicemen/women? Thank you

    • Operation Gratitude

      posted @ 04.21.2011

      Lisa, we use USPS Priority Mail flat-rate boxes to ship our care packages to troops, but for larger shipments you might find something that works better.

      Operation Gratitude hasn’t ended–we are accepting donations for our 2011 Patriotic Drive through May 5. Please check our website for details: http://www.opgratitude.com/howtohelp.php?page=individual

      Thanks very much for your thoughtful support of deployed troops!

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