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War on Terror News: Operation Gratitude

posted on Jun 28 2009 0 Comments

Operation Gratitude does one thing (care packages) and does it well. There is no way they could have grown to this large of an operation, be getting addresses straight from the commanders of our military themselves, and be able to send a box out for $11 filled with items with a value of $100, if they did not know what they are doing! In addition to those main two drives, if a commander contacts them with an emergency need, the a shipment is sent out. To date, they have sent out 450,799 care packages! Just in a 6 year period…

How do they do this? ALL items going into the care packages are donated. They have an extensive list of big name sponsors (see site here and here). Space at the California Army National Guard is donated. They use priority mailing boxes from the U.S.P.S. which are free to anyone. (By FREE, I mean the EMPTY BOX can be obtained directly from your local post office or online at no charge to any person or company) Volunteers arrive at specific times throughout the year to prep, assemble and label the care packages. There are over 7000 local volunteers, not including those across the country who donate goods. Each box currently costs Operation Gratitude $11 with $9.85 of that amount going just towards postage costs, leaving not much to cover other expenses including communications, storage, labels and forklift rental, to name a few.

There are several ways in which Operation Gratitude is unique in the Military Support community:
1. We send at least 100,000 care packages every year
2. Each Operation Gratitude care package is personally addressed to a deployed service member
3. We are an all-volunteer organization
4. Our administrative expenses are less than 2% of our budget

That is extremely impressive!! Not many 501(c)(3) organizations can even come close to saying that about their administrative expenses!

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